Sent transactions from Tradeogre not showing in my wallet


I have tried three different transactions from Tradeogre to my web wallet and they show complete but they are not showing in my wallet and they were above the $20 amount. This is one of the transactions ids. Any thoughts why I have had three different transactions not show up?

  • TXID: 2038cacfd7e7bd2d8138b36893fdcdc0269e217ae074adb8fbf8817912869599

Re-sync your wallet ,Pls see Browser Wallet User Guide — DERO Documentation documentation

Thank you for your help. I have tried these instructions 3 times and still nothing. I tried setting it up from the seedphrase and it still doesnt work. Any other advice would be great. Thanks!

What’s your wallet block height ? It should be something like 7576942 .

OK it’s been over two or three weeks and my block it still isn’t too that number it’s up till like 2,682,342 How long does it take the load to get that high? Why does it take so long?

Depends on your system and network. On normal system and network you should be able to see your TXs in max 4-5 hrs.

Well I’m doing it on my iPhone. I’ve had the wallet open several times for however long till it times out over the last two weeks and it still hasn’t gotten there. Is there any other wallets to use?

All wallets are mentioned here: Create/Backup/Restore DERO Wallet in one minute