Sign in issues with my account

Hey I’m having issues loging in to my dero account can some one help out please

Try restoring your wallet from seed. The wallet files after restoration is simply a file encrypted more with the password you set.

Seed/private keys are the pieces you need to ensure you’ve got. So if you’re unable to open with the password restore from seed, ensure if you’re using the web wallet to name the restored wallet something different than the one you already have (or clear your cache/new browser, just for being certain you’re restoring to a brand new wallet)

I just did it and it’s not showing my balance at all

Web wallet restored wallets at current topoheight. You’ll then need to perform a resync to rescan the chain for your transactions.

If you set to resync from 0, this would not take a few seconds but rather a few hours. Give this action some time. You should see the numbers start from 0 and count upwards. Browser Wallet User Guide — DERO Documentation documentation

You also don’t have to use 0 in the above explanation, you can very well use an approximate block height. So instead of 0 you could use say 7440000 , for example, should put you back far enough and take less time to sync. Give that a go.