Stargate daemon very slow sync

Yesterday I installed a full dero node for the first time (Linux version).
The daemon took several hours to sync (as expected), then I was successful in creating a wallet account and starting the miner. Finally, I stopped all processes and shut down the machine. So far so good.

Today I booted the machine again and started the daemon. It got behind about 2500 blocks overnight, and catching up is extremely slow. It takes about 5-10 secs to retrieve a new block, and after running for 5 hours it is still about 1000 blocks behind. Any ideas what is going wrong here?

Stop mining and allocate some CPU resources for TXs processing.
DERO is fully private network using Homomorphic Encryption., so it has high CPU requirements.
Also DERO network processed more than million TXs in last ~24 hrs.

It should sync now.
Also see for how to setup DERO Node for performance: DERO Node Setup