Stargate RC2 Testnet Updated

Stargate RC2 Testnet Updated

The DERO Stargate RC2 testnet is now live and open for testing. There have been many improved features from our previous releases. For more information about this update, please see the release notes. All of our previous release notes and general information about the project can be found on our Medium page as well.

What are we testing?

  • New Σ-Mining protocol
  • Explore features and the limits of our BlockDAG (750+ transactions per second)
  • Ensure that the included software (wallet, daemon, etc.) functions correctly.
  • Continued testing of smart contracts and services

Testnet Participation

In order to participate in this public release, please find all necessary information below:

Download the binaries:

Source Code:

Testnet Explorer:

Note: This testnet will only support CPU solo mining (use the included dero-miner), but third-party mining software should only require minor modifications for mainnet compatibility.

Testnet Usage

Start the daemon and wallet with the testnet parameter:

./derod-linux-amd64 --testnet  
./dero-wallet-cli-linux-amd64 --testnet --wallet-file testnet1.wallet  --rpc-server --rpc-bind=


  • P2P Default Port: 40401
  • RPC Default Port: 40402
  • Wallet RPC Default Port: 40403

Daemon Rewards

Enable your node to receive rewards based on mining shares submitted by connected devices:

 ./derod-linux-amd64  --testnet --debug --integrator-address wallet_address 


./dero-miner-linux-amd64  --debug --mining-threads 1 --wallet-address deto1qy0ehnqjpr0wxqnknyc66du2fsxyktppkr8m8e6jvplp954klfjz2qqdzcd8p

Example: Asset Exchange

Smart Contracts Documentation


Please provide feedback of any bugs found using the issues thread on Github.

As always, thank you for your continued support and happy testing!