Step by Step guide for dummies

Dear DERO support,

some time ago i invested in your project, as a friend recommended it to me and it sounded great.
So i just created a webwallet and sent my dero coins there from trade ogre. I checked it from time to time and everything showed up how it should be.

And now… when i restored it after i changed to a new computer, the amount stays at 0, the website doesn’t react properly, and… no info, no error message, no hint for a contact person, nothing.

So i found your ‘support group’ on Telegram, and two guys who seem to be admins (or so) and asked
them for help - one didn’t even answer and the other one deleted our very short conversation and also asked me to delete my post in the group!

So i checked out this forum and checked some of the posts here.
What i found out is basically that you recently changed to something called stargate and
it seems not even some programmers can figure out how to set everything up without getting
more informations on how to do things.
Did you ever consider that there might be people that invested in your project that are not computer nerds?

Please make a step by step guide for dummies about how to recover funds that were on the webwallet and doesn’t show up anymore!!!

There has been some changes lately.
When did you set up your wallet?
What url do you go to for your wallet?
You might be able to access your funds

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