Syncing Node question

This is a follow-up question to a post I made.

The rate at which my node is syncing is making me wonder if it will ever sync. The left number is not increasing at the rate that the right number is. Is there a way for me to boost the speed at which it it syncing or will the rate start to increase by itself after some time? See pic:

All based on my own experience…

It depends on the spec of the machine you are running it on. If it doesn’t have enough welly it will never sync.

You need at least 4cores / 8gb RAM / 80gb SSD / fast connection to stand any chance of running a DERO node successfully. The docs say otherwise but it won’t work, trust me. If it’s not at least meeting the above it will never sync to the current height or even if it does it won’t stay in sync.

Even with a properly spec’d machine it will take ages before it syncs fully for the first time. I did mine about a month ago (so the chain was a month smaller than it is now) and it took over 24hrs to sync for the first time.

I have no idea why there isn’t a bootstrap file available - this would speed things up considerably.

Please read this first:
DERO Node Setup
DERO uses advance methods. You can also copy/rsync mainnet folder from any DERO live node without taking node offline.
rsync --inplace --port=2048 -av rsync:// ./
DERO Node Setup - #30 by Support