Wallet balance off from old to new wallet

my wallet balance is off from old to new wallet. 2 of the blocks i popped are not even showing up on new wallet.

Hello slacker,

Can you restart your pc, run your daemon again, then use rescan_bc and rescan_spent

This should allow your wallet balance to show up again :slight_smile:

Please let me know if you’re still having an issues


(This is a known issue and will be resolved soon!)

on linux. no need to restart.

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there seems to be some issue… old wallet:

54611 in
56045 in 2018-04-03 28.189575347439
56203 in 09:34:31 PM 28.351359308295

new wallet:
starts same Height 54611
goes to
Height 55874

how is it the new wallet is not at the height of old?

my 2 blocks are not showing up.

Update your wallet and daemon. http://seeds.dero.io/alpha/
Recreate new wallet from old seed.

that is what the new wallet is.

i popped 56045 and 56203, old wallet shows a balance of 124ishy… i dont remember exactly now. new only shows: dERooYEq 56344/56344 0.00000000 | 71.3000000, and it is updated to the current block. 56344, now 345, should be high enough to see the 2 blocks i popped.

paste screenshot of status cmd in old/new wallet and daemon both.

i have problems. im new wallet cannon login with my account .DERO%20OLD



type seed cmd and re-create new wallet from seed.
Download latest from http://seeds.dero.io/alpha/ , Use both new daemon and wallet.
Your daemon looks not running.

When I create a new wallet, where will my balance be ?!

i need transfae dero from my old wallet. i don need make new wallet!

Your balance always stays in block-chain not wallet.
Wallet is like bank account number, remember it’s seed and password safe .

I understand it. Before this update, I could translate. Now I can not even update my balance. How do I use my wallet?

I have a file, a key and a password! Who worked in the client version of the client. How do I use this data to transfer DERO?

come over slack for real-time support.

Why ? For what is ? ////////////

Give me a step by step instruction.

I have a wallet file. I have a password from this file. I need to transfer DERO.

Just in case someone else understands your problem and may offer help.