Wallet not registered and can't find my dero

i am using a macbook pro. i downloaded the mac version and then created a password successfully and my 25 word seed phrase. it said wait a few minutes for registration and as you can see, that has now disappeared. however, i do not have the appearance of a registered wallet with 14 different options. please advise.

also more importantly. i cannot seem to recover my Dero that are held in the older wallet. I have the 25 seed phrase and password but did not work. please advise since i assume if i can recover them here, than i can send them to TradeOgre where they were originally bought.

i am in the CryptoVigilante Group.

many thanks

i am getting that is being processed/registered but it never finishes registering but i believe the menu should than have 14 options.

also i still need to recover my dero that are in the old wallet, please advise.


still not registering. when i went into the old dero wallet and put in my 25 word seed phrase it did not recognize it but when i put it in to the new wallet (that was before i knew that there was a new wallet, it did recognize the 25 words but just did not credit me with any Dero. I am at a total loss.

someone please advise. i don’t need a new wallet if i cannot recover my Dero from the old wallet