Hi, I cant access this website. I believe I need it to shift my funds from an Atlantis wallet.

This is what my browser says:

This site can’t provide a secure connection
walletatlantis.dero.io sent an invalid response.

I attempted to do a search on these forums to resolve on my own.
Thanks in advance.

Same. No support provided. Dero currently showing zero in stargate wallet and would seem irretrievable.

I trust there are other ways of transporting the funds to the new wallet. Anything else would be strange considering we’re dealing with valuables. Let’s hear what they say.

No response, Dero support?

This has been posted everywhere since the fork back in February with multiple ways to complete the swap.

Are you suggesting we are fools not to monitor a cryptocurrency’s social media page?

Atlantis as a chain is no longer operational. Seed nodes were taken down days ago after being extended for near a few weeks past the swap deadlines. In the event that the atlantis txns had already gone through, you can still claim on Stargate side anytime.

Web wallet was taken down some time ago, followed by seed nodes etc. as the chain rolls to a halt as has been discussed.

Wow, is this an industry standard? I am in shock.

Is what an industry standard? We’ve been providing details about swap through many mediums over the past number of months with expected end dates and even an extension. At this point, Atlantis chain has halted and is no longer in service and we are fully switched over to Stargate.

I do not know of any other answers/scenarios to this current predicament other than above.

So there is no way of retrieving Atlantis Deros from an Atlantis wallet despite it being the recommendation to keep them stored there rather than in the exchange. That’s insane, I hope you had good reason for this costly affair. I guess lots of people will come to the same realization as me and Dero2, unless we are the only two individuals not subscribing to your newsletter of course.

DERO has been in constant development since inception. Keeping up with development is worth the time for any/all investments or mining work. We have moved onto Stargate which required a complete overhaul of the underlying codebase as we shifted away from cryptonote to DHEBP. Swap was required for this migration with more than 6+mo of information shared for swapping and information regarding swap known even before that.