Web wallet sync

Since last accessing my wallet (a couple of weeks ago) for some strange reason I have had to restore my web wallet. The process seems to be taking a very long time (current block height 0/140039). Is this normal?

If you are using Atlantis try walletatlantis.dero.io .

Thanks for your message.
I have been using wallet.dero.io and started about six weeks ago, with no problems.
On the web page, there is no open wallet option; only recover or create.
I decided to recover my wallet, and since posting, after a whole night of syncing, the block height is only 0/141686. Is there a way to speed this process up?

Use http://walletatlantis.dero.io/ now.

Will do. Thanks for your help.

All sorted. Thank you ever so much. :slight_smile:

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My Cmd wallet is fully sync which I have been using before without any problems,but can’t withdraw my coins from tradeogre as its saying withdrawals will be sent to star gate chain.which I don’t even know what they mean.am not very good with deep computer knowledge.would somebody please help what I need to do as my coins have been on platform for more than a month now and I don’t wonna loose them of course.every time I try to withdraw its showing pending which never seems to be processed.also my mainnet status is 8386682/8386682 and still going up?Will this Cmd wallet ever work?I will Appreciate any help please as it’s very stressful.Thanks guys

CMD wallet is only for Atlantis. Currently your options are CLI or Web Wallet with a GUI wallet being released in the near future.

CLI - Release Release96: POW bugfix in AstroBWTv3 · deroproject/derohe · GitHub
Web Wallet - https://wallet.dero.io

You’ll need to ensure that your wallet is registered - CLI Wallet User Guide (Stargate) — DERO Documentation documentation

If you do not run your own node, launch the cli with --remote option. You can also use the web wallet to register, just keep in mind the procedure will take much longer on web wallet since it is single-threaded operations.

Lots of discussion/chatter related to this in discord as well as around here, feel free to search through.

Am downloading my CLI node wallet and I keep getting error messages and then blue info messages as I download can anyone please tell me if this is normal.Do I have to download the entire blockchain without Error messages and if so how can I do it as this CLI wallet is a nightmare,I Will appreciate any help.Thanks

Am sycronizing my node wallet and I keep getting error messages after days of sync won’t sync without this error messages is this normal? Am so frustrated with this dero wallet.CMD was easy and straight forward.This is nightmare.can anyone please advise what to do.Thanks

Use dero-wallet-cli --remote option to sync both Old-Atlantis & new Stargate wallets.
Syncing Atlantis wallet will take around 4-5 hrs & Stargate wallet sync is instant.
Pls use latest release for both. Keep us updated.

My Atlantis Is fully sycronized.will I need to sync them separately or are they gonna be connected to the new star gate wallet.sorry am new to this but fully committed to understanding the dero wallet project.I will use your advice for now and see what happens.it’s nightmare for weeks as I got dero coins still in tradeogre platform and I don’t want to loose them.am very much hoping this works

You are doing great. You can run both wallets and sync both wallets.

TradeOgre accepts atlantis and stagate deposits
And TradeOgre only accepts Stargate withdrawls.

Once you have deposited Atlantis to TradeOgre, it will swap (100-500 confirmations) and allow you to withdraw to stargate wallet.

You got this.

Am trying to recover my Cmd wallet on my computer but can’t be able to put the seed word on space as there are some words stuck there and can’t manage to clear them so I can put my seed phase on the space to recover my wallet.how do I clear them as they are stuck on the space meant for seed phase

I understand that the GUI is called CMD

Have you tried using the atlantis CLI or web wallets?

Yeah it was Atlantis web wallet but won’t allow me to put my seed phase as got some words stuck where I should be putting my seed phase.i don’t know how to clear the space to allow me continue to recover my Atlantis wallet which has coins in it.Am also trying to launch CLI stargate waiting for it to register.but I think I launch it on mainnet ,will it register successfully?

When do you guys think GUI wallet will be ready ?As can’t be able to sync web wallet and CLI can’t register my wallet been trying for 2 weeks but just can’t get round anything to do with this Dero wallet,The project is good idea but this New Dero wallets are Nightmares.I think I may loose my coins as they have been on tradeogre for too long as can’t manage to get either wallet working.Am I doing anything wrong as I seem to follow everything from Dero documentation but it’s still doesn’t work.Am starting to loose hope about the whole project

DERO Stargate GUI wallet