Web wallet sync

It looks easy but every time I press any of the 3 options new account,Account recovery or Settings the page just disappears.That’s the photo shot any advice what I need to do

It is because you have to unzip the file first.

Yeah I managed to get working and withdrew my Dero from trade ogre successfully,but how do I check history and view transactions,as only 3 options send,account and log out.I Will appreciate your help if you give me advice how to find this options thanks

Here’s an explainer. Use arrow keys to navigate the menus .

Since I logged of last night I went to the Engram-windows-amd64 to open my wallet,to my surprise the wallet appears on my screen for few seconds and then disappears.is this Norma or what’s wrong?as wallet was set and working,I was very excited and I don’t want my positivity to get affected.any advice why it is disappearing.thanks

When I click Engram application the wallet appears for seconds and the disappears,what bothers me is I managed to set up the wallet and send coins but now I can’t manage to get my wallet.advice will be appreciated thanks

Or maybe it’s not completely set

Thanks I manage to get it :+1:

Now I have GUI smart wallet is it advisable to delete the old Dero wallets as they occupy too much space in my computer.Thanks

As long as you have your seed, that’s all you need. If you ever need to restore your wallet you just need that seed .

I have tried to recover my old CMD wallet which has some coins in it,put my seed word but always say there’s no wallet like that available,which is very surprising,any advice as I need to recover it so I can transfer my coins to the smart wallet.Thanks

I open the wallet page click wallet recovery,copy seed,press Ctrl and V together as have done before and nothing comes up.always the message is No wallet in this computer like that,which is frustrating as got coins there but my CMD wallet is becoming difficult to recover.Any advice will be appreciated as need to recover the coins and transfer to the smart.Thanks

Use seed in web walletatlantis.dero.io

Thanks a lot will try and will keep you updated

That’s the message am getting when I put my seed.not sure what else to do as that’s my real seed and doesn’t seem to reconised.Any advice

Double check you are entering in 25 words. Be sure they are spelled appropriately etc. You will have 1 word that is duplicated 1 time with the 25th word.

Thanks very much everything worked well and I managed to swap my tokens to the new smart wallet.I hope Dero won’t have another complicated wallet in future.The developers have done great job with this new wallet.Please Keep me updated if anything changes.As would like to keep everything up to date to avoid any inconvenience.Once again I appreciate your time and advice.