Where can I buy dero and withdrawal to my wallet?

Since the withdrawal for dero on stocks.exchange is disabled,where can I REALLY buy some dero and withdrawal to my wallet?

ATM we are only on https://stocks.exchange/trade/DERO/BTC
You can start withdrawal with smaller amounts like about 30 DERO at a time.
Different users reported different limits but 30 was confirmed by most to start with.

But the withdrawal option for DERO is a grayed “DISABLED” button at stocks.exchange.

Wallet may be in maintenance mode. It may soon be back again.

The Dero development team has reached out to stocks.exchange with an offer to provide technical support and we are currently waiting on a reply. When we receive a response from Stocks.Exchange regarding this issue we will make sure to promptly inform the community.

well,I just bought some hashrate from nicehash to mine DERO instead :joy:

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