Why can't I send from web wallet?

Oh ok, yes my Stargate wallet is named that. Now, hopefully the last question, how do I rename that wallet? I don’t see an option on the wallet menu to rename it. Thanks again for your feedback🙏

1] Use right-click on file and choose Rename.
2] move wallet.db wallet2.db
3] mv wallet.db wallet2.db

Thank you so much! That worked. I thought I needed to do it via the wallet.

Good evening, I went to open up the derod-Darwin for the Stargate CLI wallet and this is the message that it gave me. I can open my wallet but it’s not connecting to the Blockchain. Any ideas of what this is? Thanks

It was working late last week, which was the last time I checked it.

Delete mainnet folder and sync again. Use ./derod --fastsysnc for faster sync.

That worked thank you. I’ll try the faster sync too.

Question, in reference to the command for the faster sync, where would I input that command. Are there any examples of how I would use the remote sync. Thanks

Figured it out. Thanks for all the above help!

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