a few questions

1- Will Dero_CN be mineable for 6 months?
2- What will happen to the old blockchain after 6 months? Will someone try to keep it up?
3- Is there a way to calculate the DERO_HE excavation amount? any tool.
4- Will there be a simple windows Desktop wallet for DERO_HE? Will CMD wallet work?
5- When will Web_Wallet support DERO_HE?

1] yes.
2] Will be halted.
3] Check Dero mining benchmarks site.
4] Only CLI wallet atm. CLI wallet is very simple, reliable, fast, secure. Another options soon.
5] No, Browser and privacy don’t go together.

1] :slight_smile:
2] :frowning: why… survive dero-cn
3] ok
4] 5] maybe something like web interface (daemon.exe<connect<explorer.exe) cannot be done to cli wallet?