About the DERO Chapters

DERO would like to have local chapters in country/states more like regional managers.
Apply for chapter head with your details.
Chapter head would be representing and resposible for spreading DERO and building strong DERO community in that area.
As we have just started we will be soon formalizing some standard guidelines based on community suggestions.
We plan to have at-least quarterly workshops and attending blockchain events for DERO members in local chapters.

Working on plans to setup some community funds required for such activities based on donations and matched by developers.
It would be long term association with benefits attached.

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I would like to apply for the California, USA region. I have a background in graphic design and web development. As a crypto enthusiast, I want to do what I can to ensure its success. I was drawn to DERO for its footprint as a platform, raising the bar on transaction speed and utilizing current open source technologies, such as Golang. I also appreciate the strides it takes to differentiate itself from Ethereum, upholding the need for privacy through anonymity, while still keeping a public ledger.

I hope that we can work together to ensure DERO’s success.

Thank you,



Hi Dan,
You are welcome. Great to see your support to DERO.
As we have just started we will be soon formalizing some standard guidelines based on community suggestions.
We plan to have at-least quarterly workshops for DERO members in local chapters.
Working on plans to setup some community funds required for such activities based on donations and matched by developers. Let’s see how all evolves.

DERO Support.

I would like to start a chapter at the coding school I go to! We have so many great minds there and setting up dero events would be so incredible. We could recruit people to help work on the protocol re-write.
Link to school: https://www.42.us.org/


Welcome Acryptodealer,
Good, we have lot’s of other works too.

Has this moved forward? I’m in Tennessee and would like to join up or take ownership of my area.

There are plans to move things forward now. Pls introduce yourself.

Salutations! Some of my specific values that brought me to the Dero project, honesty, hard work, individual liberties, a deep desire for freedom and privacy. Influencers like Jeff Berwick and Ron Paul are bedrocks of my world view and of course my faith in God drive me to do works in his name.

My background, my family’s small business from the 80’s lead me until adulthood, almost a decade of military service helped me realize discipline on one hand and the insanity of the state on the other, a technical operations/service/maintenance of mechanical and electrical systems was my profession. That lead me into leaving the military for work in a variety of trades and taking lots of classes associated with those trades. I’ve done HVAC residential/commercial, construction, plumbing, welding / fabrication, heavy equipment operation and small scale farming operations with familiarity with several animal species and management styles. I also have take a course in permaculture design through Geoff Lawton.

I know that sound money and free market economics are the bedrock of a healthy and prosperous civilization at the macro level, and to the average man on the street as well. I’ve tried to look into projects that embody mechanisms of those beliefs/knowings and have made a list of those projects that resonate with me in that regard.

Currently I’m a big supporter of Digibyte, Monero, Pirate Chain, Theta, and now Dero as I’ve recently taken the time to start looking into the documentation and what the developers are doing. I’m very impressed with CPU mining being able to, supposedly, run a full node and mine from a raspberry pi. That which I will be doing shortly!

My coding experience is nill at the moment, all though I have signed up for a Linux online course to learn the commands / UI. I do have a lot of life experience and a desire to grow and be apart of a community that is doing important work in the way of privacy.

Some of the directions I see for a private smart contract, beyond the obvious applications like DEX’s, would be in the matters of the judiciary. One thing I’m currently doing is learning to represent my self in the court system and in so doing have discovered there is a private and public venue for law/legal matters. One for the tax slaves / wards of the state / corporations / fictitious entities / etc, and the other for private individuals / trusts / contract / etc. All though I’m not a carrying bar card attorney I do see a massive potential for private title conveyance and contract execution without the whole world knowing about it.

This would be in line with how our current judiciary works regardless of technology. I imagine the various courts around the earth would be very interested in this technology as it relates to the keeping things as they are but in a digital state.

I digress! My immediate interest in wanting to be an advocate for Dero and other decentralized and community governed projects is in spreading this technology into the local economy. My question is how far along are the Dero chapters in their organization. Is there leadership? Is their funding pools for events? Media package? Is there developer interaction with the community? How deep in a area are you wanting to take chapters?

I suppose at some point a town/county level advocate could be used but currently I don’t know of anyone in Tennessee that is pushing this project at all. From what I can see online on the tubes it appears that Monero has a large influencer community, and pirate chain is starting to grow as well in that regard, but less forward facing folks.

My target audience at the moment would be small business owners, homesteaders (people who are living close to the land), persecuted groups that are or will soon have their finances attack for their beliefs, and of course the speculators, there is room for everyone IMO.

Well that’s my two cents, look forward to the community involvement.

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my name is saman. i’m crypto expert and blockchain researcher in iran.
we have talented people in block chain and cryptographic
dero is one of my fav projects and I’m glad to be able to help


I would like to be trained so I can be of service in fostering community and helping spread the word regarding Dero. I live in Puerto Rico, where there is a large crypto community, and I am also a podcaster. I have a small (but growing) online community, and often go on podcasts geared towards spiritual and sovereignty minded individuals such as Crrow777, Sam Tripoli, etc.

I am new to Dero, and even crypto, but I am a quick study and very passionate. I was guided to Dero by Divine synchronicity and have begun to have weekly training calls regarding Dero with TheObjectiveAlpha and a few others in the community while studying everything I can to help get my understanding up to speed so I can spread the message.

I come from a different perspective than most (my background is in Law for Living Men and Women, Autocracy, Spirituality), as my draw towards Dero was first and foremost intuition, but as I study, I am awestruck by the technology! I am forever in gratitude that you all have created something like this to free humanity.

I would love to offer anything I can to be of service to the Dero movement, and would absolutely be thrilled to help spread the message both locally and online. I would highly value any type of training as you mentioned on the guidelines. I also do not require nor want any monetary compensation. The best benefit for me is to learn, so I can help ensure there are solutions for my community, as I firmly believe and know that: My God-Given rights to privacy and sovereignty are entangled with that of our extended communities. I wish to do my part in preserving those rights. Therefor that is payment enough for me, nothing else needed.

You can view my work at the following site: templisaquaria.com

There is also a list of podcasts I have been on under the about us section.

Grateful, Ecstatic and Inspired at the world that lies ahead of us,

~Kalina Lux

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You are welcome.
Lets start with your podcast and build together…

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Amazing!!! Super grateful !!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’d rep Utah. That’s mine.

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Hi all Dero miner node operator and super stoked to be a part of community im in florida

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