Android xmrig Miner for ARM Phone CPU AstroBWT - WarriorV

Guide by WarriorV :-

  1. Download the Android ARM miner: (1.5 MB) (for 64-bit ARMv8 CPU - fast) Mydrive download link 64-bit (1.5 MB) (for 32-bit ARMv7 CPU - slow) Mydrive download link 32-bit

  2. Unzip the downloaded zip to root directory of internal SD card in the phone (/sdcard/)

  3. Edit the last line of to add your own xmrig-style mining parameters (pool/account/wallet/worker/algo/password, etc.) using a text editor such as Jota Text Editor.
    The last one line of should look like following:
    $EXECPATH/xmrigARM -o -u dERoWalletAddress -p AnyPassword -a astrobwt

NB: Change dERoWalletAddress in above line to your DERO Address as in following image.

  1. Install either Terminal Emulator or Termux

  2. Open Terminal Emulator or Termux window, execute the following 5 commands:

$ cd /sdcard/
$ cp xmrigARM lib*.so ~
$ cd ~
$ chmod u+x xmrigARM
$ ./
  1. DONE

NB: is DERO community pool.


Thanks @dillony1 and WarriorV.
MD5SUM of above xmrigARM miners:

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OnePlus 6T
175-185 h/s
-Snapdragon 845
-6GB Ram

Galaxy A52 5G
150-175 h/s
-Snapdragon 750G
-6GB Ram

Be careful guys. WarriorV encodes a 5% fee in his Android xmrig binary.

Best to compile it yourself. It’s not that hard.

I made it super easy. 0% FEES all around!

This will compile all the dependencies automatically and prompt you for a worker name and a dero wallet address. Just download the release and run the two commands


  1. Download termux from Google Play
  2. Grant storage privileges to termux in termux app settings
  3. Download release zipfile here and unzip in internal storage (/sdcard):

  1.  Open termux and run the following commands:

cp /sdcard/ /sdcard/ .
chmod +x *

  1. Follow the prompts and you will be mining on with 0% fee for the pool and 0% fee for xmrig.