Android xmrig Miner for ARM Phone CPU AstroBWT - WarriorV

Guide by WarriorV :-

  1. Download the Android ARM miner: (1.5 MB) (for 64-bit ARMv8 CPU - fast) Mydrive download link 64-bit (1.5 MB) (for 32-bit ARMv7 CPU - slow) Mydrive download link 32-bit

  2. Unzip the downloaded zip to root directory of internal SD card in the phone (/sdcard/)

  3. Edit the last line of to add your own xmrig-style mining parameters (pool/account/wallet/worker/algo/password, etc.) using a text editor such as Jota Text Editor.
    The last one line of should look like following:
    $EXECPATH/xmrigARM -o -u dERoWalletAddress -p AnyPassword -a astrobwt

NB: Change dERoWalletAddress in above line to your DERO Address as in following image.

  1. Install either Terminal Emulator or Termux

  2. Open Terminal Emulator or Termux window, execute the following 5 commands:

$ cd /sdcard/
$ cp xmrigARM lib*.so ~
$ cd ~
$ chmod u+x xmrigARM
$ ./
  1. DONE

NB: is DERO community pool.


Thanks @dillony1 and WarriorV.
MD5SUM of above xmrigARM miners:

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