Atlantis testnet quick how-to for Windows

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Quick Testnet How-To For Windows

1.Download the new wallet/daemon from: - choose the windows_amd64 binary - and unzip the newly downloaded files to a new folder.

(NO LONGER NEEDED) 2.Download the database.db snapshot from - and leave it for a few steps

  1. Right click on the derod executable and set to “Run as Administrator” in the compatibility options.

  2. Open a command prompt terminal

  3. Find the folder where you extracted your testnet files to and get the location (ex: C:\Users\robot\Desktop\dero_windows_amd64\dero_windows_amd64)

6.To begin syncing with the testnet, use the terminal and run the command: derod-windows-amd64.exe --testnet (ex: C:\Users\robot\Desktop\dero_windows_amd64\dero_windows_amd64./derod-windows-amd64 --testnet)

(NO LONGER NEEDED) 7. Find your testnet folder, delete the database file you see there, and extract your database file you downloaded earlier to this folder. After your testnet daemon opens it will create a new testnet folder for you that is (on Windows) usually contained in your user data.

  1. While the daemon is syncing you next need to generate a NEW wallet address specifically for the testnet - any coins mined on the testnet will not be valid once the mainnet goes live (ie - they don’t exist on the mainnet). Later on when the official Atlantis wallet comes out you’ll want to use the “restore from seed” option to import the balance from your existing DERO wallet address to the new Atlantis wallet.

  2. Open a new and separate command prompt terminal

  3. To open the wallet in testnet mode use the following command in the cmd prompt terminal: dero-wallet-cli-windows-amd64.exe --testnet (ex:C:\Users\robot\Desktop\dero_windows_amd64\dero_windows_amd64./derod-wallet-cli-windows-amd64 --testnet)

11.a)Then select option 2 from the menu - create new wallet
b) Enter a name for the testnet wallet
c) Enter a password for the wallet twice
d) Save the recovery seed (this is a testnet seed and won’t work on the mainnet)
e) Display the wallet address - save address

12.Once the daemon has finished syncing enter the following command string at the daemon prompt to begin mining on the testnet:
start_mining <# of threads> (Do not include < >)
Replace with your address and <# of threads> to a maximum of the amount of L3 cache divided by 2; e.g. - a Ryzen 5 1600 has 16MB L3 cache so max number of threads is 8 (but to preserve desktop interactivity set to 1 or 2 less threads than maximum).

(Beginner tip: You can tell if your daemon is in sync when the numbers go green)

I added/edited MagicSmoker’s reply (thank you very much for that Magic!)

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How can we check the mining status in testnet deamon?

You can’t, just an estimate of hashrate is always shown