Atlantis wallet not accessible - Any solutions?

Was thinking HODL substantial DERO on Atlantis wallet early 2022. Now back and cannot retrieve DERO in my wallet. The link to Atlantis wallet on web wallet does not work. How can I retrieve my Dero or find out when swap will again be open? I am not a programmer just a believer in the project.

I saw old threads about this but not sure of status quo or if there is a solution.

Hi Dero team, I got 3 DMs with links to what was called Dero online chat (different links). I am concerned these are DMs and also the links I was sent are different websites.

Can someone confirm what is legit?

Link 1 I was sent:
Link 2 I was sent:


None. Nobody will DM you that is not a scam.

Thanks, I thought so. What do I need to do to find out if I can access my Dero?

Any genuine feedback will be much appreciated.