Ayuda con mi cartera

I can not get my purse back …Error while recovering wallet using seed err Seed not found in any Language

Can you please double check you have all of the words spelled correctly, and that there are no extra characters or spaces?

yes i have done,copy ,paste

Okay, if you’ve double checked that no extra characters or spaces were added, my next question is: Are you running an up to date daemon and is it fully synced & running when you try to restore your wallet?

Also, may I confirm that you’re trying to restore in Spanish, and if so are you making sure to use the proper language packs and can you confirm that all of the individual characters pasted correctly?

I’m recovering it with spend key secret…menos mal

Okay, I suspect it was likely an issue with a character during the copy/paste process but I will add it to my notes of things to review soon

thank you serena, for your time and speed

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You’re more than welcome and please feel free to message any time :slightly_smiling_face:

If you need to contact me quickly, message me on Slack, or Discord it will send me an audible ping noise so I’ll know I have a message!

Edit: Also, I am going to try to replicate any seed restoration issues in the next few days to see if I can recreate this. Thanks again, and I hope you have a really great day


you are a serene machine, as soon as they let me pay a serrano ham with dero, I send it to you