BitMesh has Launched DERO and Opened DERO/BTC, DERO/USDT Trading Pairs


BitMesh has launched DERO and opened DERO/BTC, DERO/UDST trading pairs. Deposits and withdrawals are available now. Please enjoy your trading on BitMesh.

About DERO:

The Dero Project has written a unique new blockchain technology which is based on the Dag and CryptoNote protocol with double spend protection. Dero’s goal is to create a unique state of the art blockchain technology with enhanced reliability, privacy, security, usability, and portability by bringing together some of the best proven technologies like the CryptoNote protocol and smart contracts, thereby allowing for the creation of truly private smart contracts.

Risk Reminder

Investing in digital assets comes with high risks due to huge price fluctuations. Please invest prudently and pay attention to investment risks. BitMesh selects popular and superior tokens, but will take no responsibility for your investment decision.

Thank you for your support!

BitMesh Team