Can't mining dero coin to address

i have mining dero coin to using xmrigto
this my code
“algo”: “cryptonight”,
“av”: 2,
“background”: false,
“colors”: true,
“cpu-affinity”: null,
“donate-level”: 1,
“log-file”: null,
“max-cpu-usage”: 100,
“print-time”: 60,
“retries”: 5,
“retry-pause”: 5,
“safe”: false,
“syslog”: false,
“threads”: null,
“pools”: [
“url”: “”,
“user”: “dERokPan5wMCjQCCUTZQakNLqgDPQCnMfUdTH5fLWoBAg3JnU79jNkFarUVGqwJc6R5NW2qLE5iuocmSHgQWgHop1hv7nBsVYT”,
“pass”: “x”,
“keepalive”: true,
“nicehash”: false

i have 10kh/s and Total Paid: 120.700000000000 DERO but in my address don’t see any coin.

DERO 0.00000000 0.00000000 Deposit Disabled
Deposit Fee: 0.00000000 DERO
Minimum Deposit Amount: 0.00000000 DERO
Your Dero Deposit Address
Show QR Code
Your Dero Deposit Payment Id ()
Show QR Code
IMPORTANT: Send only DERO to this deposit address.
You MUST send your deposit using the unique Payment ID above. Failure to do so may result in the loss of your deposit.
Sending any other currency to this address may result in the loss of your deposit.
and what this and how can use ? thank you

Official pool does not support mining to exchange.
For simple reasons like Keep your coins in your wallet and second In event of conflict its tough to resolve.
Pls open support ticket on exchange.

thank you. so what pool i can use to miner for exchange ? i can use this ?

Pls see ANN thread for pools :

Hey not sure where to post this but I recently purchased some dero on stocks exchange and went to withdrawal and upon doing that the (64 dero) I had purchased were stuck with a withdrawal error message , support says the admin will move my coins and I need to wait. I’m not freaking out over 40$ but Im wondering if it’s okay to contact another exchange that can manage this coin a bit better because half the time stocks exchange doesn’t even allow dero trading ontop and let alone deposits and withdrawals. I was slumped by a message under the wallet section stating disabled for weeks and just had to wait and unfortunately sold for btc due to it being a lot of money. But right now I’m not sure what’s going on again.

Hi xLegacy,

No worries about posting this here!

Only members of the Dero team are authorized to reach out to exchanges, however, I can personally assure you that the exchange issues are not being taken lightly. Our team tries to stay quiet until we produce results and I believe that in this case patience will certainly be rewarded.

Don’t hesitate to reach out in whichever way you feel.

Serena - Community Manager


Edit: I also added some Dero to test the functionality of Stocks.Exchange. They reversed a transaction for me after around 36 hours. At this time we recommend withdrawing in quantities of 20 Dero or less.

Hey Serena ,

Thanks , it’s just a bummer when things don’t work out sometimes. I have superb faith in this project and I’m starting to want to purchase big amount but it’s just not gonna happen if I can’t even manage to get 50 bucks out of an exchange anyways thanks for the reply and all the help. I’ll patiently wait.

Once you get the coins returned to your SE wallet make sure to withdraw no more than 20 coins per TX until further notice from the devs, this amount works.

Thanks so much !! Will do the 20