Can't sync. Please help

Trying to sync for day with no luck on win10 64bit using 2018-04-14 12:41 13M
done that several times; restarted dimond , deleted blockchain.

Please make possible to download chaindata directly was removed

Please Help I have a lot of money stack in my wallet.

It looks like you have the latest version but just to be sure, confirm that it’s from here:

After that you need to open your daemon and let it sync to 100% again. This will take some time and can possibly be slow. Please make sure you are not running too many other programs/daemons as this can slow down the sync.

Yep using latest ver. Trying to sync for days started all over at least 5 times. Each time sync process stacks at some point between 40% to 80% with different errors. Restarting diamond doesn’t help.
Please post full chaindata for direct download.

No chaindata is available for direct download.
Paste screenshot of status, sync_info and version cmd here.

Started to sync again will post when it will stack again. Thanks.

Default is fast enough but for further fast sync use following option:
derod* --add-exclusive-node

After full sync restart derod* daemon without any option.

Thanks you will try it !

Just crashed without any error after about 2 hours of syncing.
started now with --add-exclusive-node It is 2 signs - before add ?

By the way I use many similar wallets: Haven , masari , Sumo , Ombre etc … with no issues at all
All of them were synced from start 2 days ago.

Paste screenshot of status, sync_info cmd.
Also check of harddisk space.

Crashed AGAIN. Have Hundreds of GIGABytes free space

post info on pastebin. Doesn’t allow me to do it here.

Your database got corrupted. Delete the mainnet folder and restart daemon.

As I told before being doing it for a couple of day. Deleting & restarting. Did it twice just from the last post. No luck.

Upload the screenshot of status cmd where your daemon is stuck.

The link I posted before
is a copy -> past of cmd screen

Synced the whole chain from zero and it synced perfectly without any issues. Test machine was Ubuntu 2GB-2Core VPS.
Pls also check your anti-virus/firewall etc. Its strange to see chain sync issues, we really don’t have any chain sync issue nowadays.

Don’t know what to tell you for some reason my computer has issues only with your coin. Any how I almost done syncing on my work computer no issues there so far.