Check Total Miner Hashrate private Node


I’m using many small miners connect to my private node. I would like to know if there is way to view my total hashrate of miners?

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typing ‘status’ is your only current way to view ‘estimated’ hashrate based on when miniblocks are found.

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Thank you @nelbert442 . Could you please explain about MB, MBR, IB in this image?

And both MB, IB rewards are the same, 0.0615. Right?

MB is miniblock. IB is integrator block. Both 0.0615 reward yes.

Each block consists of 10 miniblock where the final is the integrator block, to which the reward goes to the node owner. On derod your integrator address is what receives this award. This is a launch option to set when running derod (derod -h to see)

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Thank you for your answer.
“MB:639 MBR:0 IB:85” - running my own node.
It means my total rewards = (639 + 85) * 0.0615 DERO. Right?

Yep that would be the expected output. Ensure the integrator address is set, as if it is not then the IB would not have been counted.

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