Coins not being deposited in wallet address


I am a new miner. Please help me figure out how to get my wallet to receive dero coins from Dero pool.


Could you please explain? Have you already started mining? You need a wallet before you start mining.

For Tutorials, please refer to



I’m seeing this message "WARN[May 16 20:50:22] TX rejected due to low fees provided fee 14111240000 calculated fee 15687620000 "

what does it mean?


It appears because daemon is in debug mode

It’s not related to you and it’s safe to ignore


but i have no balance
where are the coins that i mined?


i have typed “balance” many times and i still says zero


You should first wait for daemon to fully sync


how long does daemon take to fully sync?
how can i tell that it is fully synced?


When the numbers at the bottom left change from yellow to green in daemon.

After that keep daemon running then open wallet


i see
one number is like 20000 and the other number is 70000


thank you
i am in learning stages


what does this message mean???

Last scheduled hard fork time shows a daemon update is needed now.



It means you are using the wrong version. Did you download from the links I provided?

Please download daemon and wallet from

You can also download db from and extract it to mainnet folder for faster sync