Command (CMD) - Alpha Testing

Secure access to the DERO network using a lightweight and portable library. CMD is an open source graphically-rendered GUI with native support for Golang. The goals were to provide a user-friendly interface with access to all DERO features and services, and to showcase creative ways to deploy modern UIs on Golang. With CMD, you are in total control of your digital presence with state-of-the-art privacy technology, only available within the DERO network. Join the movement to advance our #PrivacyTogether initiative.

Included Features

  • Fully-functional wallet
  • Easy to use UI/UX

Future Development

  • Integrated daemon
  • Integrated miner (solo mining)



Please feel free to leave your feedback or report any bugs on this thread. You may also join our Discord Server and use the #cmd channel.



Easy to eyes and full of functionality wallet.


Hi guys,

I just read the Dero whitepaper and skimmed over some of the technicals. I think this project is a gem. I have a old computer I am repurposing as a dero miner. Looking forward to test out this wallet when I mine some dero :smiley: