Connection to RPC server Failed

Hello guys, I’m trying to configure your ewallet but I get this error:

WARN[0001] Connection to RPC server Failed err Post dial tcp getsockopt: connection refused

I’m on Ubuntu 16.04 and I used dero_linux_amd64.tar.gz

Do you know how I can fix it?

Is there a way to use your ewallet online on your website for example? (web service)

HI xzero,

There’s currently no official online wallet at this time.

Can you make sure you’re running the latest release ( with no additional nodes

I created my ewallet, but I cannot run rpc… Is it correct: ./dero-wallet-rpc --rpc-bind-port 18091 --rpc-bind-ip --wallet-file deroWallet

Because I get this error:
Dero ‘Helium Hydra’ (v0.11.1.0-release)
Logging to ./dero-wallet-rpc.log
2018-03-10 20:42:41.435 7f4323257740 WARN wallet.rpc src/wallet/wallet_rpc_server.cpp:1853 Loading wallet…
Wallet password: ******
2018-03-10 20:42:44.332 7f4323257740 WARN wallet.wallet2 src/wallet/wallet2.cpp:2519 Loaded wallet keys file, with public address: dERofJhiM9i5rrHLMWz8ccNHAWjMzpBmsHVQLRKBAqsEJsdQSWkQQJsNfatvRvK8DCfXKHLfVfi5v7wSeqkzXZZZZZZZZ
2018-03-10 20:42:44.394 7f4323257740 ERROR wallet.wallet2 src/wallet/wallet2.cpp:1252 !r. THROW EXCEPTION: error::no_connection_to_daemon
2018-03-10 20:42:44.394 7f4323257740 WARN net.http src/wallet/wallet_errors.h:707 /tmp/derochecks/dero/src/wallet/wallet2.cpp:1252:N5tools5error23no_connection_to_daemonE: no connection to daemon, request = gethashes.bin
2018-03-10 20:42:44.397 7f4323257740 ERROR wallet.rpc src/wallet/wallet_rpc_server.cpp:1887 Wallet initialization failed: no connection to daemon

Some idea to solve this problem?

Sorry, I run derod and dero-wallet-cli and working now.

hi xzero,

I’m very happy to hear that it’s working for you!

Please feel free to contact me any time and I will be happy to assist in whatever want I can.