Could someone advise a newbies (buy / mine)?

Hi everyone.

This project seems super interesting to me. However, I do not have the resources to mine, at the moment, and it will be months before I’m able.

I would, however, consider grabbing a small position. I know the internet is the last place for financial advise, but would anyone say it’s at least a little bit advisable to hold a small stack of this?

As far as mining, I don’t really know where to begin, and only have a Macbook Pro laptop, so I just don’t think I can do it at this time. Am I wrong?

Sorry, I am new to many aspects of this. I understand this is all uncharted territory, but I’m excited nonetheless. A curious newcomer.

Are people who can’t mine buying this to hold? I can’t see any exchanges with volume?

I am reading my face off, and it seems so murky to me.

Could someone advise a newbies what’s really going on here?

All the best,


Hello twu,

Yes, people are buying on this exchange:

To see what the public are doing with their Dero please come join our Slack or Discord channels

Hi there . As Serena said stocks exchange is a good place to buy . I’m holding long term as this project has so much to offer and probably the best team of devs in the world right now . The blockchain is currently being rewritten for the second time to include solutions for iot and also sub wallets . There is so much to say about this project it would take all day , like the fact that its been totally un hackable and thwarted 3 attempts up to now or the fact that it will be quantum computing safe which will very soon separate the projects that will survive and those that won’t. Dero Atlantis is also capable of private smart contracts . … hard to believe this was only launched last December I believe .
Safe to say i dont even check the price at the moment because I’m so confident it will explode when it gets a bit more exposure .
If I could sum it up I would say
Carlsberg dont do block chains but if they did …