Critical discussion

Starting this discussion to shed some light on one of the critical comment I found on reddit about Dero using restrictive license and development happening behind closed doors -

It’s publicly visible that Dero has currently only one developers who commits code on github -

I see that @Serena hasn’t responded there yet, so I thought I could ask here.

Also what are your thoughts on being Dero more like a company/corporation like Dash than being a community project like Monero. I know it’s too short time to come to conclude anything here but thought it is better to have a open discussion on it. More critcal we are, more we can mature as a community.

Wanted to hear from @Captain and/or @Serena who have been here since the beginning.

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The latest information that was shared last month, DERO is not an open source project. The source code has and will remain viewable to all, but there are plans to incorporate. With that being said, licensing was stated to be easy for third-party developers with smart contracts around the corner.

I am not a part of the project team, but I wanted to relay the information that I have gathered. Of course, this project is still very young, so you may not get the answers that you seek right away, since things may change in the short-term future.

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Source code will be updated in github in coming days/weeks.
We were supposed to release alpha in first week of April and testing for another few weeks/month in April but attacks on CryptoNote chains forced to update earlier.
Many users/pools who were on Golang found themselves safe from attacks and others followed to new code. At the same time several bugs reports in alpha started flowing and also attacks too. So the job of testing/fixing which was supposed to be executed over month’s time was reduced to 3 days period. We fixed bugs same day of reporting and in-parallel improved DERO’s resilience and security to attacks.

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@Dank and @support, thanks for responding! Hope others interested in the project also share their views.

Lack of visibility certainly impedes the participation by collaborators and investors.

Still doesn’t answer 1 committer on github

Unless he’s designated proxy.

But then just say so.

DERO Leads.

Regarding the reddit post, the OP claims the the most successful projects are open source. My retort is that we have not even scratched the surface of what blockchains can do, or how to administer one. To limit your thinking to just what is available now is detrimental to the crypto community, more so than any licensing issues are concerned. Yes, having more eyes on the code is a good thing to catch bugs or security issues, but when have the DERO dev team proved that they cannot do that on their own? That is kind of the role of “early adopters” to help them as the project is still in development.

DERO is tech-forward.

I have come to the belief that once the dev team has completed development on the core features of this project, visibility will become a more prominent focus, which will invite more investors. With the completion of some already announced innovations in tech, I think visibility will be spread virally.