CryptoNote GO implementation status

Hello Dero team.
Congratulations for such great project, I just found it some days ago and I’m quite fascinated about the idea and the current progress. I really think Smart Contracts + CryptoNote is the missing tool in the BlockChain ecosystem. A voting, self-governance tool for instance is a very good use case for such platform.

I’d like to start using the Dero Go blockchain implementation. I think it might be used as basecode for many other projects. That migjt bring new developers, new ideas and a more code maintainers.

My question is regarding the current status of the Go implementation, I read:

  • Daemon mining is disabled until more testing complete.
  • The wallet cannot create and send new transactions.
  • The golang versions of derosuite are using non-standard ports so as it does NOT clash with already running daemon.

First two points are quite critical, is there an estimated time for implementing the “Transaction send” and the “daemon mining” ? If there is an alpha implementation I’d like to see and test it.

Thank you.

There would be release of complete working CryptoNote Golang implementation in next 4-6 days for users interested for testing. These users would be evaluating Golang derod and wallet for 7-10 days and based on their feedback whole DERO community would be migrating to new DERO chain. Community has to just download new derod daemon and import wallet with old wallet seed for migration.

Great news :slightly_smiling_face:

Where would you publish the new release? It would be nice to see the code and the current progress in GitHub, maybe in a development branch?

Thanks for quick reply.

Hello d3n,

The new release will be published to the derosuite github

Hi! I’m very interested in Smart Contracts in Golang or Solidity implementation. :grinning:
Please are there any docummentation about Dero Smart Contracts?

As DERO CryptoNote implementation has almost finished. More focus will be on SC now.