dArch 1 confusion/questions

Good Evening fellow deronAUGHTS! I have a question… i sculpt 28mm scale figures like so:

I have a game that i created so far i have 38 unique sculptures and a rulebook that is in pdf printable format… can i tie the board game to dero for the dArch event as an nfa? How would i go about starting this? Create a 3d image of each sculpt and limit the number available for the game? For instance:

1 rulebook is needed
16 characters/figures are needed to play the game 8 for each oponent…
if i were to have the sculpts cast in pewter a limited run of lets say 50 each… and the characters were turned into NFA art objects with a casting tied to the NFA art/contract… is that the idea? basically trying to tie chess type physical tabletop game to dero…

and lsast but not least would it enter me into the dArch 1 competition under artists?

I see a few paths you can take and you could perhaps take multiple.

Theoretically you could make multiples of the same NFA made (less rarity) for in game items. If you want to program it yourself or get with a game developer you can definitely go the game route and you have the right idea.

If you want to create some 3d scans of your figures (if required) and make them NFA art peices that can be used to redeem their physical counterparts that are used in game, or used as assets in virtual games (or both). If you even wanted to use the art pieces for other uses, you could do that approach too.

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