dARCH Event 1 - Official Submission Thread

Post your submissions for dARCH here. Include the name of the category that you are submitting for along with a link to your github repository.

Good luck everyone!


Hello, I would like to submit dReams for the On-Chain Options and Futures category. Currently dReams is set up to run 8 different binary based P2P futures.






  • DERO-Difficulty

  • DERO-Block Time

  • DERO-Block Number

Contracts are flexible and can be used for different time limits and amounts. Price data is retrieved by the client from three sources and on chain data is retrieved from the agreed upon node. As well as participating in futures, users have the ability to install and run their own contracts, defining their own time limits and amounts. There is a leader board that can be used to keep tally of correct guesses for communal or competitive usages. With Gnomon index, contracts can be publicly indexed for all app users to participate in, or they can remain off the index for a more private setting.


This submission is for the NFA category. Azylem, DeathByCupcake and SixofClubs would like to submit our dReams NFA Colab.

125 individual NFA’s have been minted, all of which are in use as in game items in dReams and could be used by any other dApp that chooses to support them. The 7 collections (AZYDS, AZYPC, AZYPCB, DBC, SIXPC, SIXPCB, SIXART) are comprised of over 2000 individually crafted images, each one uniquely done and reflecting the artist’s style.

In dReams we’ve showcased their use as avatars, app themes and decks of playing cards that owners can share with other players at the table. Some of the assets serve two uses, for example owners of the AZYDS and SIXART assets can use them as either themes or avatars, making use of the main file and icon images.

To add further versatility, all ART-NFA-MS1 functions are leveraged in dReams and a fully functioning in game marketplace (powered by Gnomon) has been created, which allows users to claim, list and buy or bid on any of these assets directly in the app.

The asset can be viewed here.


This submission is for the Education and Development Tools → Visual Scripting category.

This web application lets you create Smart Contracts on DERO using a graph.
You can see the code being generated in real time!
It is supposed to work standalone and uses the browser’s local storage to keep edits between sessions.
You can also export and import projects (partial import supported, partial export planned).
A gallery should provide simple examples made by the myself or community.
A test environment based on the simulator running locally, connected via rpc bridge extension is planned.

The detailed roadmap is described in the README.

Very good luck to all !


This submission is for DeFi.

The $DTT DEX was designed to be the Uniswap of DERO with a permissionless listing feature.

The Ethereum-DERO bridge can accommodate any ERC-20 token and the wrapped token can be permissionlessly listed on the $DTT DEX.

The bridge has already had an audit that came back nearly flawless but finishing the front-end of the $DTT DEX has been more difficult than expected.


Submitting my BBS system for phase 1 dARCH, the DERO Bullish’n’Bored system. It is my first-ever Golang project, I’ve been sponging my way up the learning curve, please be kind. It is submitted as a proof-of-concept, still has some ways to go, will be happy to receive input and collaborate on continuing to make it awesome!

Much love to the whole DERO community, let’s rock this mutha!


Submission for dARCH Contest:

Name of Category: NFA

Name of Entry: DerBNB

Link to Github Repository: GitHub - apollo5ever/DerBNB: Rental Property Management built on Dero

DerBNB is a decentralized Airbnb built on the Dero blockchain. NFAs represent ownership of properties and a smart contract is used to manage all rentals. This project was completed by me and some students taking my course, Dero Dev 101, as a group project. The prototype has a basic UI that allows users to browse and request rentals, and as a property owner, you can view and manage rental requests. DerBNB also has a built-in private messaging feature, utilizing the private messaging capabilities of the Dero platform.


I would like to submit The BlackSwans Of Derogeddon for the NFT portion of dARCH.

Blackswans focus is premium visual content to raise the bar of quality In the Dero NFT marketplace.

Attracting new people to the space, specifically other artists through meticulously handcrafted layers, 3d rendered assets, proceedural fx, all seamlessly blended in photoshop with three ultimate goals:
maximum variety
maximum cohesion
and maximum professional finish.

Over 32 Swan bases, given 40 custom backgrounds, dozens hand drawn traits, And procedural filters ensure ensure that every user can have something truly unique.

Purchasing swans directly helps fund my other Dero marketing endeavors including Ads, info graphics, and promotional motion video which I have provided freely for all.

Swans are esthetically centered and meant to be viewed as art.
However, I do plan to also have special promotional Swan sellings to on board musical artists Into the dero marketplace.

I also promise to award anyone who on board’s successfully an outside artist to create their own NFt’s A special Swan. The caveat is that the artist has to wow me with skill, swans have a commitment to encouraging professionalism and high effort in the the Dero ecosystem.


Category: Hardware wallets

This is the implementation of the ledger support. The current status is that I am still implementing bn256 using the SDK libraries. Once it is properly incorporated, the rest of the development will be faster.

The final goal is to have the Ledger App published in the App Catalog.


The submission thread has been re-opened for Round 2 submissions!

For Round 2, Apollo and I have chosen to combine our efforts.

Updates for predictions, dReam Service was added to the prediction and sports contracts which allows owners to autonomously facilitate all functionality of contracts. It is a two part service which can watch any number of owned contracts and can be used tandemly or separately. One part for payments and posting data to the contract, the second a integrated address service which allows predictions to be made from a Dero transaction sent to address. The service receives tx and sends a reply tx to sender once prediction has been placed to contract. dReams serves as a complete gui for set up and use of the service. Contracts can now have multiple signers, a owner can delegate multiple wallets to set up on a single contract for more throughput and to be able to operate a contract from a number a machines at the same time. All service transactions are stored in a local db and double checked against wallet tx history. Wallets can pick up where they left off and reprocess any required transactions.

Updates for NFA, DerBnb contract has been updated with bug fixes and improved functionality. We’ve also introduced Optimal Autonomous Organization governance to manage treasury and contract updates. The property NFAs have been updated to track physical location in a more sophisticated way. Two token projects are in the works to further Bnbs utility. In addition to the web app, a desktop app has been created using Gnomon and dReams packages. We are on track towards a tri-UI DerBNB with desktop, web, and mobile apps.

We look forward to presenting our final collaboration for round 3. :slightly_smiling_face:


For round 2, the objective for the Visual Scripting app was to add testing features and package the application.
The application is now packaged (using the Wails framework: Go backend with the web frontend of your choice!) and available to be built on many platforms, so far only MacOS pre-built app is available in the release page.

To be able to test smart contracts, I decided to develop a separate GUI for the official simulator, for which I got some help from @lucap. This tool will help users who want to mess with the simulator in a user friendly way (install smart contract, play with wallets…).

The only pieces missing now are the interaction between the visual scripting app and the simulator to create a seamless SC testing experience and the functions gallery. This will hopefully be achieved by the last round.

This has been a lot of fun so far!
Good luck everyone :love_you_gesture:

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 I am submitting the whitepaper for the continuation of my project.  My efforts during this segment have been mostly developing the vision for the MUD element of the BBS and learning the web dev to implement the front-end.
Please enjoy the whitepaper, I will be continuing the build-out in the coming time.

Best wishes to all, we’re the best!!!
Dungeons & Dero Whitepaper.pdf (50.6 KB)

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Our updates for round 3,

As we had mentioned for round 2, the DerBnb desktop app was built using Gnomon and dReams packages as a way of collaborating. We since stylized and honed usage of the desktop app. Owners and renters have all the requirements to facilitate agreements. There is a property minting function in the app for users to create new tokens. Both parties can manage all booking and request functions with full history. One way messaging is in place, as well as the rating system. Users can update token metadata from the app. We completed artwork for the DerBnb NFT project launching shortly as the development for the mobile app begins. DerBnb desktop was itself also built as a package, which allowed us to import it back into dReams and have DerBnb as a functioning desktop app in two places as well as a web app.

In the latest version of dReams users can dynamically choose which dApps to have in their local client. The rating system was expanded to double as a mini dReams index for things like dApp lists, APIs, new tables, filters and fees to allow for updates without needing software changes. The GUI was updated and includes 2 new base app themes, Dero style. They overlay the asset themes and give each one a new light. Single pane confirmation screens with more detailed transaction info has been added for a more streamlined experience. APIs were added for MLB and MLS. One way messaging is in place. During the course of this process of combining these two apps, dReams packages and repo was updated to maximize this spirit of collaboration. Functions were tidied and organized in more concise manner, along with further code base documentation this should allow devs to easily build into the Dero ecosystem and the dReams ecosystem if they so chose. A dApp can currently be added to dReams as a Fyne container. DerBnb is a great example of how a complex app can be fitted into such a container, and to further this, more examples were created and documented. Taking a look at some of the packages, we can highlight potential use cases:

  • rpc
    The rpc package contains all of the basic functionality needed to set up clients, check connectivity and read blockchain and wallet information. There are arbitrary rpc calls which any dApp can make use of such as the NFA calls, SendMessage() or SendAsset() with optional payload. There is tx confirmation funcs which can confirm txs and retry failed txs if required.

  • menu
    The menu package contains the base components used for Gnomon indexing. StartGnomon() allows apps to run a instance of Gnomon with search filter and pass optional func for any custom index requirements. NFA related items such as the dReams NFA marketplace and asset controls can be independently imported for use in other dApps, it can be used with or without dReams filters allowing others to tie into the game asset ecosystem. To showcase this, a stand alone NFA app is available which has a fully automated 3 part NFA minter (file sign, contract creation, installs). There are menus for sending messages and assets, and custom Dero indicators that can be imported.

  • predictions
    The prediction package contains all the components for dSports and dPredictions. Using it, a stand alone cli app has been made to run dReam Service outside of dReams.

  • dwidgets
    The dwidget package is a extension to fyne widgets that intends to make creating dApps simpler and quicker with widgets specified for use with Dero. Numerical entries have prefix, increment and decimal control and pre-configured connection boxes can be used that are tied into dReams rpc vars and have default Dero connection addresses populated. There are objects for shutdown control as well as a spot for the dReams indicators, or use new ones.

  • bundle
    The bundle package contains all the dReams resources. Dero images can be imported as well as the two Dero styled base app themes for Fyne.

The dReams repo now contains 4 fully functional desktop applications that all work off the same base, the config files were unified for platform wide usage so that users could freely jump around from any app using a single db and config. dReams release v0.9.5 is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. The DerBnb web app can be found here.

And with this, we are pleased to present our final collaboration of DerBnb/dReams, and we hope that our collaboration may inspire others in their journey to collaborate and create new kinds of on and off chain experiences. It has been a blast. :slightly_smiling_face:


Late updates for round 3 (Thx @azylem & @Kryptoid) !

Objectives are almost completed.
The following is done:

  • Improvements on the Simulator GUI (made by luca) : You can now install smart contracts and play with wallets and call installed smart contract functions
  • Published a DVM-BASIC toolset library (NPM) : (github: /DaBisounours/dvm-utils) This lib is already used to check code in the Install SC feature of the Simulator GUI and a base for Visual Scripting Tool features. This tool can be used for code analysis such as extracting function headers from a piece of code, syntax, name and type checking (WIP).

Still work in progress:

  • Import smart contracts in the Visual Scripting Tool : this feature will require heavy refactoring to be rebased on the dvm-utils lib but early development shows promising results.
  • Generate DVM-BASIC code: although this is already working as is, I would like to move the code generation part in the dvm-utils library to be respecting the library’s data structure definition.

Thanks for waiting another 48h and best of luck to all :love_you_gesture:

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