Dero blockchain emission

DERO coins are emitted smoothly varying at present as per following schedule:

First year emission:  ~ 4.4 Million
Second year emission: ~ 3.2 Million
Third year emission:  ~ 2.4 Million
Fourth year emission: ~ 1.8 Million
Fifth year emission:  ~ 1.3 Million
Sixth year emission:  ~ 1.0 Million

Premine Excluded.
Total DERO Emitted till today Block 32645 : ~ 992739 DERO.
Current Monthly Emission is ~ 381931 DERO.
Total DERO 18.4 Million in 8 years.
Tail Emission after 8 years: ~157680 Every year.
DERO Emission is 75% in first four years.

DERO emission logic is different from existing CryptoNote Protocol due to optimizations in emission and diff algo.
Several more fixes, optimizations like block time, rewards etc. will be carried out in future hard forks.

Next Golang daemon update will have command to show total DERO mined till current block.


In updated Golang derod daemon status cmd can be used to view Total Circulating Supply till current block height.

Total dero was 18.4 mil for 8years.
It is with you premine 2mill? Whey included in 18.4?
I understand that at some point, your coins will be issued in a general emmission?

yes total supply 18.4 mil including premine.
Code will always reflect true Total Circulation. When premine will be in circulation code will reflect that also.