DERO Bulletproofs — Rocket Bulletproofs

What are bulletproofs?

Bulletproofs prove something exists without knowing what the something is . For example, a bullet proof can prove that a number is within a specific range but not reveal any additional information about the number. Bulletproofs are a trustless way of verifying versus zk-SNARKs which require a trusted setup.

The purpose of bulletproofs is not only to create confidential transactions but they also shrink the size of the proof to around 10% of their original size. Essentially, they make transactions more private and smaller .

What makes DERO Rocket bulletproofs different?

DERO’s Rocket bulletproofs were released June of 2018 , making DERO the first cryptocurrency to have mainnet bulletproofs . It is also significant to note that DERO bulletproofs were not adapted from any other public implementation , either. DERO did not have the vulnerablities that were found in the Monero bulletproof audit, as the bulletproofs are cryptographically different. One of the additional benefits of being cryptographically different than Monero’s bulletproofs is that they are 10X faster than Monero Bulletproofs .

In Summary

DERO Rocket Bullet Proofs were the first bulletproofs on mainnet for any cryptocurrency. They were written exclusively for DERO with unique code. DERO’s Rocket Bullet Proofs are fast, secure and scalable.

Download DERO today and see for yourself.

Written by @Kryptoid