DERO Community Marketing and Awareness

Proposals to spread DERO now. This is community operated/controlled marketing thread.
This thread is funded by donations match by devs 40% from personal funds.
Pls submit your ideas and proposals along with rough expenditure.
Soon donations structure would be setup/created.
This thread is for Community Marketing only and for guidance only. Official marketing will happen as per official schedule and plans.


Let community decide on this part.

Example Marketing Poll

  • DERO needs marketing now. :slight_smile:
  • Wait for Atlantis.

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I believe we’d need a space, a forum for the community to gather and share ideas, and have community governance
Therefore I suggest having a website/forum that reflects the community and it’s ideas
The domain name has been purchased, and the github repo is ready for you to create your own website/forum so I can upload it to hosting and set things in motion :slightly_smiling_face:

I also have hosting that I can contribute to the community efforts, it can handle up to 200 simultaneously active users as is, afterwards the community can decide how to act

I think the Dero Telegram groups in the main languages ​​can make it grow considerably. The mouth to mouth can do great results with minimal effort. For a good management of these groups it would be convenient to have native Volunteers of each language with sufficient knowledge in the subject and to keep up to date to have the capacity to respond to any possible doubts that may arise in the community. A good roadmap and standards for these volunteers would also be very convenient.

We are adding language channels to our Discord, it would be better than having tons of different languages on telegram each with its own admins and so on

Discord is fine but honestly I do not know many people who use it and I do not think it is a place to reach many people. People like Stickers, Gif, etc … and Dicord cant offer it.
In any case, could you add Spanish to Discord?

I understand, however, we are against the norms of current crypto scenes that are governed by useless hype and “when lambo” memes :smiley:

Our target is with the community is fostering productive discussions and increase the knowledge of all participants in a conversation, and I’m sure you noticed that from your time on Telegram and discord :slight_smile:

Yes, I noticed and it is appreciated that the “Lambo Kids” are kept out and the level of conversations is maintained at a high level. You will also have noticed that many people have come to the group with the mere intention of fomo, lambo and moon. To leave them a place where to get rid of them, keeping them controlled with truthful and objective information, I think it would be beneficial. And for the most serious users and involved in the project they always have discord and this same Forum.

In another order of things, how much does it cost to publish a report or an advance in a crypto news like the cointeleograph?

I don’t know if there is any cost at all, anyway, once we want to be vocal, we’ll let our results speak, not our money :slight_smile:

We are currently intentionally being quieter than usual, especially on twitter and reddit avoiding hype. I quote Serena from the other day:

One of the main reasons Dero is very quiet and is trying not to hype is because our next update will be a major improvement to blockchain technology
We will do more positive things for the space as a whole if we are humble and don’t try to make giant claims from the top of a mountain. By this I mean: We are actually doing some very major things and we don’t want people to start believing everyone who makes giant claims in this field is capable of doing so
We want people to see for themselves
The field is generally as trustless as possible, so the more hype one produces, the more trust/faith is required from the public


Marketing is required, let the potential of the coin reach millions… I have seen so many coins marketed via adsense but we can consider that too for the initial boost, but I think we can come up with something better, Let say like what tron did.

I know its gonna cost a lot, but that would be a great , lovely <3

Our target is technology, not hype and FOMO. We might market our technology once we have a marketable result :slight_smile:

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fair enough :slight_smile:

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One more suggestion, Lets add a wikipedia page explaining about DERO, if he/she is a beginner or trying to gain some knowledge about what blockchain and DERO is.


That’s a very good point, I’ll take a note of it :slight_smile:

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I would like to suggest that Instagram is currently an untapped platform for community based promotion . I for one got a good response there .I think the recent campain really worked well in raising awareness of the dero project . I think more of the same with the incorporation of Instagram alongside other usual platforms could really help to get dero out there . More sample dero info posts would be required containing as much new info about dero as permitted .
The dero comunity grew as a result of the last campain so I would assume the response to help would be greater and even more effective this time around .
Also i think a little more organisation by those involved in such a campain would go a long way , such as actively searching once per day for #dero posts and actively commenting, liking and sharing/retweeting relevant posts from other members .
A once a day search for posts as well as actively posting would help join the dots so to speak .

Also it would be a good idea to start this after the launch of Atlantis to try to break the “sell the news” trend plus we would be much better pumping facts rather than hype . Something I think many agree on already .

What do you think about interview podcasts like Kevin Rose’s Blockzero show? It’s certainly a good way to catch attention of a wider audience. Would this be a possibility further down the road?