Dero creative writing campaign


We are after creative ideas, not how well you can write!

Hello everyone,

The Dero team is excited to announce our creative writing campaign! (Campaign end date: July.18/2018 UTC)

DERO: Privacy + Smart Contracts

Dero has written a new blockchain technology based off the CryptoNote protocol with the next major step being new smart contract controls. Dero’s new blockchain is coded in golang (Go) to bring together the CryptoNote protocol and smart contracts on the Dero blockchain.

Dero is not simply a privacy coin, but an asset, or even the fuel if you prefer that powers a privacy based blockchain. Similar to other projects with humble origins in uncharted areas of smart contract development, Dero’s greatest potential can only be explored if we delve into the creative minds of the community. To that end, we’re proposing a creative writing campaign to help foster discussion regarding the possibilities Dero brings by offering true privacy on the blockchain with smart contracts.

We don’t want to stifle creativity so we’ve tried to be fairly relaxed on the rules. The post in reply #1 is an example of one of the posts that helped to inspire this campaign. You may post on bitcointalk, Dero’s official forums, or Reddit in the appropriate threads.

Submissions will be judged by the Dero team and the winners will be selected and paid out as follows once per month (4 months total)

Top 3: $20 USD worth of Dero*

Top 4-8: $15 USD worth of Dero*

Top 9-15: $10 USD worth of Dero*

*The number of Dero will be determined by the USD price on exchanges the day the campaign payments are due

Payment date: The campaign is starting on March.18/2018 and will pay out between the 20th and 30th day of the following month for each consecutive month the campaign is active.

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Dero’s general rules and terms:

  1. We reserve the right to remove a campaign participant if we find they engage in inappropriate, dishonest or negative behavior, or if they do not adhere to the terms laid out in this post.

  2. We reserve the right to make alterations to any portion of the rules and terms of the campaign with the option to temporarily halt, or permanently cancel the campaign or anything referred to herein for any reason.

  3. Participants are prohibited from taking any action that may be considered detrimental or otherwise damaging to Dero’s reputation and public image. Prohibited actions include, but are not limited to, misrepresentation of Dero or its technology, falsifying information to promote Dero, posting incorrect information (please do your research and use sources), or making any attempt to circumvent these rules and terms.

  4. The campaign is starting on March.18/2018 and will pay out between the 20th and 30th day of the following month for each consecutive month the campaign is active.

  5. Multiple accounts will not be permitted and any that are discovered will result in a disqualification from ALL campaigns that individual has participated in and any future campaigns/bounties that Dero may issue.

Dero’s creative writing campaign specific rules:

  1. All posts must have something positive to do with Dero that do not include speculation or any violation of any terms or rules laid out in this post.

  2. Failure to comply with any of the rules or terms will result in a disqualification from the creative writing campaign, and possibly future bounties/campaigns at the discretion of the campaign manager (–Serena–).

  3. The creative writing campaign will be judged by the Dero team.

  4. All submissions must be a minimum of 100 words, creative, on topic, and most importantly convey potential use cases for Dero known and unknown.

  5. There are a maximum of 15 winners per month, however if the Dero team feels that the submissions are lacking in their merit we may opt to reduce the number of potential winners at our discretion.

  6. The campaign end date is July.18/2018 UTC.

  7. Participants are only eligible for one post entry per month though they may submit as many unique and insightful posts as they wish if they meet the criteria laid out in this post.


You are free to post and join on any/both forum, Bitcointalk or here.


The following is an example post written by one of our community members fellestreum

"Here’s an anecdote about why I think Dero is important and exciting as a cryptocurrency.

I was visiting a friend in Munich over this past weekend. I was trying to convince him to invest in the crypto space but he won’t (long story: refuses despite in many ways fitting the ideal “profile” of an early investor). We were walking into the underground (U-bahn) system there and as many of your probably know, Germany uses an “honour” system with its public transport: there are no turnstiles, ticket inspectors standing at gates, etc. You buy your own ticket, validate it yourself, and carry it with you as you freely use the system (bus, tram, underground/metro, and suburban train). If you don’t do this you are “schwarz fahren”, ‘travelling black’, and carry the risk of being busted by an undercover ticket agent and fined. But in Germany in general rules-based compliance is high among the public (German businesses know this: compliance costs are low compared to other countries) and there are relatively few undercover agents (in all my years of visiting and once for a year living in Germany I have only encountered these agents a tiny handful of times).

The system works, but despite this every now and then (in Munich at least) there is talk of introducing a turnstile system, like you have in London, but the idea never really goes anywhere. Clearly though there is some concern about compliance and its costs, and the costs to the system of those people who use the public transport system without paying.

I remarked to my friend that I could imagine a “smart card” system, where you buy a card and top it up, or get billed after the fact (like with a mobile telephone account), and you only need to carry this card when you use the system. There would be various sensors at entries and exists, and the system would “know” when you rode the system without paying, and you would either get apprehended as you exited a station (or a bus/tram) if you had no card, or your account would automatically be billed as needed. People who kept their account in good standing would never have to worry or even think about the process. There would be various discounts for students, retired people, low-income people, just as you have now. You could be billed per use, or buy a monthly/yearly pass, and so on. This “smart card” system would preserve the convenience and friendliness of the current system (no turnstiles), while cutting compliance costs even further.

My friend pointed out that this would be a privacy nightmare: the system (or the government, etc) would be able to track everyone and know exactly the locations of people, their travelling habits, and so on. (An anathema to Germans, in particular.) I immediately shouted: “Bingo: blockchain!”. A smart contracts system implemented on an obfuscated blockchain could solve this problem. The system could validate that users had paid for their use of the system, and deduct their account accordingly, without knowing where the entry and exit points, or their times, etc, were (except when somebody travelled without a smart card at all, of course). More importantly, a properly-educated public would know this and have faith that they could use such a smart charging system without having their privacy compromised at all. Indeed, using the smart card system would guarantee their privacy - it is those who tried to travel without paying who would have their privacy compromised (they would get caught).

This is just one example of a potential application of a Dero-type blockchain, that - as I see it - none of the other cryptocurrencies can provide. I think there are tons and tons of examples like this. We really do need a smart contracts system on an obfuscated blockchain. It is a very obvious next step for the crypto space to take, and it is why I am excited about the Dero project. It also needs to be a project that is properly managed, which means properly decentralised, and I think the Dero developers have the vision behind the project on that side too, at least from what I have been able to see.

There are of course versions of the smart card system already in use in public transport systems, e.g. in London. However as far as I know the system is always elective - you can choose a less convenient alternative (and turnstiles are very much used in London) partly because of the privacy issues; you have to choose to give up your privacy in exchange for the convenience of the electronic system, like so much of the high-tech space these days. Correct me if I’m wrong, people, but smart contracts over an obfuscated blockchain eliminates this convenience/privacy tradeoff. This is the point of Dero as I see it. The world very much needs it.

Keep up the good work!"


Assets on the blockchain :wink:
Now imagine a proper private blockchain… hmmm… :thinking:

Julio Faura, Chair of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance said “one of the key features we need for a blockchain to be used in enterprise settings is privacy.”. J.P.Morgan, one of the largest banks in the world published that quote directly to their own website which helps to publicly acknowledge and convey the dire need for real privacy on the blockchain before enterprise scale solutions can be utilized.

This is just one of the many possible uses of blockchain technology and smart contracts

If this helped get your creative mind working, share your thoughts here ( and you could earn some Dero.

Just the fact that we have credible people pushing for the technology to be used in this way really speaks to the direction we’re heading globally


Great idea guys. Writing is not my thing but hope you get some cool content out of this, the project indeed inspires to com with good ideas.