Following growth in attraction by DERO project, we added Dero mining pool to our supported coins.


 Starting Difficulty: 5000
 Description: Below 1KH/s 

Port: 4522
 Starting Difficulty: 30000
 Description: Above 1KH/s

 Port: 4533
 Starting Difficulty: 1000000
 Description: Nicehash and Proxied Farms 


US West: 
US East: 
EU West: 

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The devs try to fight against NH by aggressive difficulty algo, which eliminates the profit during the spikes of the network hashrate, which are produced by NH; and also they ask all pool operators remove NH ports from the pools.

I noticed the aggressiveness of difficulty, that by itself is a deterrent for any possible pumper.

The thing with NH is it’s a double edged sword, you can run 10kh/s for a long stable period, or you can burn thousands of USD in minutes.

Add to that, some of the miners who are currently mining my other supported coins are actual farm owners who use a proxy to connect, directing them to connect to 30k starting diff is like voluntarily DDoS’ing my pool, or the very least causing their IP’s to get banned for a false positive of “low diff share attack”

In our community we know the bad effects of pumping and it is frowned upon, plus, Dero team made a nice job with the difficulty algorithm.

The difficulty settings will prevent users from nicehash,but the official pool doesn’t.
ppl can still buy hashrate to mine dero,I don’t think that’s too bad for a startup crypto currency.
Those who invest by buying hashrate shows they have confidence on this project.

The issue other coins face is not in buying hashing power in itself, but in abusing difficulty response delay. Dero have this well optimized. so any attempts to “abuse” will only cost the pumper to mine at higher difficulty and less profitability. Therefore, dero encourages low, stable, long-term orders instead.

Other coins suffer from pumps, where someone pumps 30-40 MH/s into a network with 20 MH/s, mine blocks at 1/4 target block times, then when difficulty adjusts after a while, they stop and let network miners suffer 10x block times for a long period.

Dero solved this issue, and I told miners at my pool who are looking to jump into DERO mining about this. So hopefully there would be no worries as deescribed by @Mik