DERO frequently asked questions

More information and organization are coming very soon --Serena–

1. What is Dero doing about ASICs?

  • We are waiting for more details and numbers. We communicate regularly with a number of public and private pools to monitor their hashrates, and provide support. Most of the miners on the network are legitimate miners, many of the miners we speak with personally. They reach out to us for up to date information about Dero like anyone else.

2. Is Dero switching to a new PoW algo and if so, which one? when?

  • The Dero team is evaluating all of our options and we will have an update soon. Like our solutions to date, we want everything to be well thought out, and function as intended. We will provide updates promptly as they become available.

3. Why does Dero update so frequently?

  • Our Development team have many years experience in the field of cryptography and blockchain. They used this knowledge to build a new one-of-a-kind blockchain technology. As such, they’re extremely familiar with every line of Dero’s code, algorithms, small details, and make meaningful contributions to the code on a very regular basis.

4. Why are there changes to the roadmap or things that were talked about earlier?

  • Our development team are heavily involved in research and development for the Dero Project. When they discover something does not meet the requirements of Dero our team moves on to a better solution for the Dero Project. If you have questions about why something has changed, please message --Serena-- on Slack, Bitcointalk, Discord, Reddit, or forums.

5. When will the GUI and mobile wallets be ready?

  • The GUI wallet is scheduled for Q2 2018 so please be patient. The Android/IOS wallet development is also due to start soon. There is no scheduled date or rough ETA at this time beyond what has been posted here.

6. When is Dero going to get on new exchanges?

  • We are working diligently to get listed on high quality exchanges. Simply stated, we are not exerting energy or resources to get listed on low quality or questionable exchanges. For more information please use the \exchange command in Slack or message --Serena-- for more information.

7. Why don’t you just use [insert idea] from [insert project] to save time?

  • Dero has it’s own unique development path and we will do what is best for Dero as it is a one-of-a-kind blockchain technology that requires similar solutions. Dero’s development team take the time to properly evaluate all options, they do not rush, nor will they.

8. How do I restore my wallet from a seed or keys?

9. Where can I see the total circulating supply of Dero?

10. What do I do if I’m having synchronization issues?

  • (Updated:April.9/2018) If you’re having synchronization issues, please restart your daemon/wallet. If the issue continues, please delete your mainnet folder and sync again. Please note: your daemon must be 100% synced before using your wallet. IF YOU STILL HAVE ISSUES PLEASE DM SERENA

11. Where can I see the up to date source code?

  • Our developers make regular updates to the code on their end, however, it may take a little longer before you see it pushed to github. Please keep an eye on our github for updates, or message Serena for more information.

12. Is Dero going to change the transaction fees?

  • Dero is going to work on changing the transaction fees now that we are on the new network.

13. I have a question that isn’t listed here, where do I go?

  • Please message --Serena-- on Slack, Discord, Bitcointalk, Reddit, or of course, on the forums by direct message.