Edit: While we are in alpha please check regularly for new updates! You should not have to resync any of your data. The update is just a few minor bug fixes and you can swap the new extracted files in place of the old ones.

Hello everyone!

I’m thrilled to announce that our development team has released the alpha version of Dero’s golang implementation for public testing! The following is a post written directly by Captain!

Choose OS and download pre-built binary, Extract and run derod.
DERO Blockchain, wallet data directory and files will be created in current directory.

No need to stop existing DERO, New DERO uses different ports and file locations.
No clashes with OLD software.
POOL Operators stick with OLD version till next update.

Pls visit slack or forum for any issues.

In addition, we’re very excited to announce that the new wallet has a built-in RPC server which is currently available for limited testing!

I also wanted to add that while the current version of golang is backward compatible with the old version of the CryptoNote protocol (Helium Hydra), this is very likely to be dropped in the next release. Had our developers not written this compatibility in the golang implementation the release would have been done soon. This helps to demonstrate the technical knowledge and capabilities of our developers. Future developers, please note this.

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Great news, thanks!

Is there any place to download the new blockchain database “derod_database.db” via HTTP? P2P synchronization is very slow.

PS: hope you publish soon the code too :slight_smile:

Hello d3n,

There is not a database seed yet but I’m sure we will add one very soon!


It does not look like a fatal error, but I got this warnings when syncthing

WARN[0046] TX rejected due to low fees  provided fee 15935080000 calculated fee 16938180000  com=BLKCHAIN txid=56c1dacefd229cc0292e2cbb3371b152dd05501a25444ce584e21a6bc673a205
WARN[0046] Prev_Hash  no where in the chain, skipping it till we get a parent   blid=5377c2f6cfcb482f63d09717557daa6025b265989561b5c5199111677c6bcd15 com=BLKCHAIN

WARN[0297] TX RCT Signature failed                       com=BLKCHAIN txid=38440d2891e2bc4f0be14a86a8d6ad9b95c1f170c15936eac636b3ce4d938316`
WARN[0297] err while unmarshallin output index data index = 361519  data_len 0 err EOF  com=BLKCHAIN

Hi d3n,

Thanks for trying the new daemon!

That’s not a problem and it should sync fine but if you have any problems, follow up with me and let me know

I’ve tried check TX history and send a TX, it took long to be mined but everything worked as expected.

What I miss in the console client is an easy way to know the current balance of my wallet, same of “tx history” but showing also the final result.

Forget about my demand, I’v just seen that the total amount appears in the bottom line.