Dero important update April.5/2018

New updated alpha-7 released. Everyone update daemon. Pool operators must update.

will do, can i ask whats in the newer version.

I’ll reply with a link to a Reddit post I’m making in a moment :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Serena
Can you please let us know when the latest files were placed there? I reinstalled the daemon about 1300 (GMT+1) 5 April 2018 downloading fresh from that location. Do I have to do it again?

Looking at your announcement time, I am thinking I have the latest, but a specific time it became available might be useful.

Version 1.0.1-alpha.7+05042018 should have timestamps beside them. I believe it’s UTC time but I haven’t checked lately

Where can I get the source code for this? derosuite on github seems to contain considerably outdated code (the last meaningful update was two months ago). The go version may be the best thing since sliced bread, but I’m pretty deeply concerned that Dero has switched from an open source project to a closed source one suddenly, without much warning, and the old software no longer appears to work (derod appears unable to sync with the current network).

Now we’re being told “Everyone update daemon” to some binary that could contain god knows what because you won’t release the source?

And no, “we will release the code eventually” does NOT mean the code is open source. Until you release it, you’re just releasing binaries without source, i.e. closed source software.

But a more important point: this isn’t just about making the source code available. Dero’s development should be done in the open, and right now it’s not just the code itself is secret (because it hasn’t been pushed), it’s that the entire development process is done in secret. Open source is meant to be collaborative and, well, open. Right now, as an open source project, dero is failing hard.

Please, if this is really meant to be open source, git push. Not just once per release, but every time you make a change. Let us see the code, let us see how the code evolves.

Or is there something to hide? Sloppy code? (If so: are you really asking us to run a binary built from code you consider sloppy?) Something nefarious? (Since without source this might be so: why are you asking us to run a binary that might contain something nefarious?) If there’s something to hide, what is it?

Okay, I don’t really believe you have something to hide, but it’s incredibly important for a cryptocurrency to be straight up honest, and since to a great extent a cryptocurrency is its code, that means the code needs to be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. The only way we can see that is if we can see the code.

Please, it’s time to git push. It’s always time to git push.

Pls visit later when you feel comfortable or code is released.
Its already been explained multiple times before.
For detailed discussion pls read below two pages of ANN thread:

ATM when many cryptonote/other coins are under attacked and many blockchains have generated thousand/millions of new coins in few mins/hrs. Instead of accepting/appreciating DERO resilience and security you come and ask source code for DERO. We have community of users to protect atleast not like others who refused to even acknowledge of any attack. Community interest first.
Everyday we see many such requests of source code on different channels in different forms, Not big deal.

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