Dero is now listed on SouthXchange!


The Dero team is pleased to announce that we’re listed on SouthXchange and trading should be enabled soon!



Good job,we support dero.


Great job and it will be good to have the redundancy. They have a small amount of buys and sells. I will try this out next time I want to make an exchange.



I can not remove my dero from this exchange, you know the reason?

Thank you


They need to adjust some things on their end (other exchanges all work fine) but we are working on our end to provide assistance for this


Hi Serena, thank you for your reactivity always on top, ok I was afraid of a scam. I know there is other exchange I bought on tradeorgre and everything is fine.
If you could put a message on this thread once the problem has been solved.
Thank you again for all the work you do.
Long live Dero


You’re welcome, and I’ve made a note on a whiteboard to message you directly as soon as SouthX is ready to go!