Dero @ paradyxo

We @ PAradyxo, are looking for a partner to build our Prototype - Core DLT layer should be DAG based and able to deal with our “РУСК” Smart Contracts. DERO maight be an option.

See below an extract of our Green Paper to nurture your thoughts.

Feedback welcome.

What is exposed next is to be considered in an Euclidian space associated with continuous time ; this may become twisted by facts and experiences if/when PARADYXO reaches its goals.
Currently humans almost exchange all goods & services with “FIAT” currency (Fiduciary Money) emitted by Nation-States Central banks.
This Debt-based Medium of Exchange relies on hardware systems which presumably broke up Moore’s Law, whilst supporting software engineered trades which barely still are in control.
Now, independent experiments conducted since a decade towards “decentralization” of finance (DEFI) are underway, the output and issue being “crypto-currencies” still linked to FIAT currencies.
Moreover none solve the trilemma whereas distributed systems at the same moment in time cannot achieve

  •      Consistency/Reliability
  •      Availability/Scalability
  •      Partition Tolerance/Decentralization 

Thus, instead of trying to fix graph/network related issues, PARADYXO evolves underlying prevailing paradigms with a new concept, Distributed Persistency, whereas:

  •     “ Nodes” are software-run entities distributed across fractal-like designed patterns of hardware elements
  •      “Fluences” are frictionless sets of events, which align participating entities as much as possible
  •      “Tokens” are “Rights to Exchange  which measure “weight” and/or activity of Members
  •      “Self-Sovereignty” is achieved within “Tribes” while getting rid of “Nation-States”

In a nutshell - “Что Такое ? ”
“PARADYXO” matters with substitution of « FIAT » currencies for exchange of services by a frictionless medium of exchange (or so) to be synchronized around 2031.
Somehow we are at the forefront of the front and the very end of the tail, as “PARADYXO” shifts the transition from “Proof of Concept” to “Prototype” of such Medium of Exchange, it integers :

  • Identification & gathering of individuals willing to move ahead as Founders
  • « Off-Chain » Fluences to feed the required knowledge base and added-value feedback whilst « FIAT » & Crypto-currency self-financing/funding
  • Assessment, selection, implementation of existing software in White label mode for PSN’s & deal making workflows or “from rock bottom” development, both options with associated budgets
  • Blue-print, prototype and test of a Protocol for Consensus & relevant Governance leveraging on “ РУСК “ Perfect Ricardian Smart Contracts
  • Initial Assessment of existing Distributed Ledger Technologies (see Appendix A) overtaking “blockchain” which may fulfil Prototype requirements
  • Build-up of alternative “Tokenomics”/“Cryptonomy” which comply with our mid and long-term purposes, notwithstanding self-funding
  • Organisation (acquisition/creation) and supervision of legal entities across relevant jurisdictions (at least until end of PARADYXO) matching with real life needs
    Concretely, PARADYXO propels “Off-Chain” projects in a DLT “click & mortar“ deal making & social network where members compensate all/any services with the aim to substitute “FIAT”& Crypto currencies for exchange of such services.
    As the “Talents & Models Private Placement Platform” it is engineered with “PYCK” Perfect Ricardian Smart Contracts where “Click & Mortar“ features are concurrently supported by the OX Protocol and Fluence Managers.
    Therefore it handles conversations or dealings at the crossroads of Fintech, HRTech & AdTech arenas among many others.
    Last but not least, PARADYXO “Tokenize“ services compensated into Fluences while transcending intangible rights attached, in a further stance it should replicate that to traded “Assets”

The “OX” Protocol


Within PARADYXO, all/any interactions between Members and/or external entities belong to a Fluence ie a set of events supported by a “Para-Chain” ie a Sub-Net connected to the “Root Chain” ie the Main-Net.

In pure math form, a Fluence is a suite of Events partially-logically ordered (see !) in each considered Level – but totally ordered across accessed Level(s) if/when Fluence is fully delivered.

In real life Fluence is fed by Members and Oracles which themselves are enacted by human Liaisons Managers, ie the Fluence Managers to properly handle interfaces between Para & Root.

Root & Para share:

  • Application Layer with specialized workflows (UI)
  • Protocol Layer (see below)
  • Core DLT Layer (evaluation ongoing)


Lifted as a Professional Social Network “by invitation only”, it incorporates deal making and socializing features, engineered with on-demand connectors accessing the Protocol Layer.

Such Connectors may fuel Fluences under OX’ control (see below), therefore they may document “РУСК” Perfect Ricardian Smart Contracts


For each Fluence, OX should achieve unanimous consensus between participating nodes (!) to :

  • Grant/Manage members’ concurrent presence in “Root-Chain” & various “Para-Chains”
  • Supersede interactions between “Root-Chain” and “¨Para-Chains”
  • Maintain members ‘ relative weight within PARADYXO
  • Manage Members’ entry & exit
  • Veto “РУСК” if a major failure may occur in the “ Root-Chain”
  • Validate members’ type of “ownership” ie curates registry of “token” holders
  • Incentivizes entities maintaining “Root-Chain” & various “Para-Chains” (see the Token)


For the future we envision “Lexical-Clock” nodes , thee “Lexiclocks”, matching with holomorphic dynamics ie “fractals”; but for PARADYXO , we humbly suggest to mimic this as below:

  • nodes may only belong to Levels 3, 4 or 5 among 7
  • Time is the only considered dimension which scale varies with Level (!!)
  • a “Tower of Hanoi” recursive algorithm manages interactions/events’ progression among nodes

(!) This results from appraisal of existing Nextgen DLTs such as DAG based Blockchains and DHT “Out of the Blocks” systems

(!!) whereas time scale is different in each considered level

РУСК ” Perfect Ricardian Smart Contracts

For now, PARADYXO enables real-life ”Off-Chain” projects called “Fluences” between participants from Inception until final Delivery (see “How it works”) .

Projects are downgraded into ultra-simplified Kanban shaped mono-dimensional patterns ie (Time) subdivided in Steps & Sub-Steps named “β-Fluences”.

Such β-Fluences are human-managed for now whereas Fluence Managers act as “Ricardian Smart Contracts” while feeding PARADYXO’s knowledge base – they :

  • support their delivery in mono-dimensional (time-related) mode
  • enact subsequent jumps & relations between Steps/Sub-Steps in the same Level and/or Cross- Level ie from one Level to the next immediately above or below (see also OX Protocol)
  • control prospective connections with other Fluences

As soon as possible, “РУСК” Smart Contracts should take over this in part, they should enact:

  • multi-Level jumps.
  • bi-dimensional jumps

If/when Prototype gets ready, poly-dimensional jumps should be available concurrently, hence “β-Fluences” would become then “π-Fluences”, this is mid-term.

Furthermore Perfect Ricardian Smart Contracts may have different functions as below :

  • to generate, justify, confirm, veto Origination/Production Step/Sub-Step moves
  • to link Off-Chain “real world” human readable documents with PARADYXO’s DLT software entities
  • to allocate “XO” tokens (if multi-emission due to several branches, accept & justify their reconciliation or not), liberate them at the end of Production cycle, confirm where to store them
  • check/validate new fluence’s start at “Level 4” (among 7 possible),

Last but not least, counter-intuitively, they may be:

  • “Strong” a recorded audio, an absence of reaction (fin de non recevoir)
  • “Medium” an email, a Letter of Intent, a MoU
  • “Light” a hand written or word processed notary contract