Dero price dropping



why is DERO price dropping steeply? any specific reason for this??


There is no new specific news, no deadlines have been missed, and everything is on track.

So it does not appear as though there is any real reason for the price decline.


Sure… 95% of block reward is going to asic miners…
Count one to one… than u know why it drops.

Btw, it will go up and down from now on, till dev decides to change pow algo :kissing_heart:


Hi @NoLimit , emissions are constant over time, regardless of network hashrate. Which means with more people mining, the less each one gets.

Additionally, you are assuming ASIC miners are one entity, whereas ASICs are already shipped and are in the hands of many users.

The devs did decide to change algo. If you are not aware of it, please check our latest monthly update. It’s a very interesting read. :slight_smile:

DERO Monthly Update


But if more people are mining and the payout is less, then the demand for the coin has to go up Right? since the supply is less, but its down that’s what I don’t understand.


That’s how supply and demand works. However open markets also have other sets of rules.

If you like to discuss that point further, please join our Slack workspace, we have a channel dedicated to speculation there, and you’ll find some really good discussions on the subject.

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I have never said that there are more coins.
Block reward is fix, and 95% of reward is going to asics. And there are way less miners with asics then gpu miners. Its an easy game to derikt the price


Looks like the prices are going up again… Thats a good thing to see…