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Hello Everyone,
April Update
20 April 2018

Welcome and thank you all for your support and respect. That gives the strength and motivation to keep going strong and to explore next-gen technologies.

Every part of the DERO blockchain from P2P protocol, Consensus protocol, POW, Forking, Security, Scalability, Wallets is being re-designed to meet DERO vision.

We are working on blockchain that will be scalable to TeraBytes, serving millions and countries everyday, yet fast, private, truly decentralized, secure and reliable.
There were several challenges which have been solved to become one of the most usable blockchain.

At the moment second rewrite of entire blockchain(Codename DERO-Atlantis) is under progress to meet the DERO vision. DERO-Atlantis will be next revolutionary upgrade of existing current generation blockchain technologies.

DERO-Atlantis few features:

  • Block time of ~3 seconds.
  • ~500 TPS(Transactions Per Second).
  • No orphan blocks.
  • Faster settlements and confirmation times of less than 60 seconds. Change spending will be allowed after ~60 seconds.
  • Optional Extremely light weight, mobile and offline wallets.
  • New Dero address specifications to allocate wallets to everyone. Wallets will be lightweight, private, secure, with support of shadow addresses(infinite). Family-members, Cars, IOTs etc. can have shadow addresses. Shadow addresses are linked to primary wallet and can be used independently just like primary wallet. Example: Refrigerator can have shadow address for independent transactions and records.
  • Primary address can view/control shadow address balances etc. but not vice-versa.
  • Native blockchain without any lightning networks, validators or off-blockchain solutions.

Expect DERO-Atlantis to launch and completely operational in another 30-45 days. Designing and Writing DERO-Atlantis is taking lots of efforts and resources. we planned to directly shift on DERO-Atlantis but attacks on CryptoNote and other blockchains forced to migrate earlier. DERO blockchain was successful in thwarting all attacks.
Smart Contracts will be of not much practical use if it takes 3 minutes to open a door or if refrigerator takes ~25 minutes to confirm order. Dero Whitepaper , DERO-Atlantis technical papers etc. will be released in coming weeks.
DERO-Atlantis will be the base of DERO blockchain and Smart contracts.

Specific Updates:

  • Source code: DERO project source code will be availiable in coming weeks.
  • POW: POW will be defintely changed to make it more egailtarian in DERO-Atlantis. Few algorithms have been short listed for DERO’s next POW and are under tests to handle scalabilty, verifiabilty, DoS issues etc. Right now there is no change in POW as we are already in process of migration to new blockchain next month.

As regards to roadmap, We are ahead of schedule and hope to keep the same.

We are working hard and hope to deliver one of the most usable blockchain technology which will be useful for coming generations. We believe there’s much more to explore and achieve in blockchain technology. There’s lot more going on behind the scenes and will be updating in coming days.

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For any discussion pls open new thread in appropriate category.

Thanks everyone.

Captain D

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Hello Everyone,
May Update
22 May 2018

Welcome and thank you all for your support and respect. It’s really great to see such vibrant and positive atmosphere surrounding DERO.

Atlantis Update:
Following blockchain technologies has been implemented in Atlantis:

DERO-DAG(Directed Acyclic Graph): DERO Atlantis will be DERO-DAG based. DERO-DAG is mineable, POW based, fully linear with same level of security as blockchain.
No orphans, scalability limits defined by resources(Compute, Network, Storage etc.)

Client Protocol: It handles same transactions mined by two different miners in different blocks mostly due to luck/Network lag.

Bulletproofs: Smaller transaction sizes for CryptoNote Protocol.

Ultra Compact Blocks: Faster block propagation times and low network usage.

Core progress on track.
Explorer, wallets too are being re-written to handle Atlantis.

In another 15 days Atlantis will be released for alpha-tests and Hopefully before next monthly update we would be on Atlantis.

Few screen-shots attached depicting above.

Again, There is lot more to improve in blockchain technology.

For any discussion please open new thread in appropriate category.

Thanks everyone.

Captain D

ATLANTIS in Action

Client Protocol

Multiple Parent Blocks


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