Bizarre behavior of the official pool statistics


DERO Monthly Update

Hi Mik,

There is an attempt at a network attack. Dero’s network is fighting back fairly hard and when we have more information I will let you know. Electroneum (ETN) had their network thoroughly pummeled earlier, as did Sumo.

For now, Dero is faring significantly better than the others but we will have to see how things play out.


Thanks for reply ! Is it worth to continue mining or the current shares are lost ?


If you’re on the official pool you should be okay :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks a lot ! … :slight_smile:


Just for records.
Diff vulnerability that is affecting many CryptoNote/other blockchains where attacker/tester mines numerous blocks in less time with very low diffs. Golang code was made resistant against such attacks but not C daemon. We were in test phase and mid of migration when attacks started, So we shifted to Golang alpha version completely on that date technically, dropping support of C version completely.