Dero progress update March.15


Hello everyone, I’m excited to announce that as of this morning we can consider the Dero CryptoNote protocol complete and it’s going through the final phases of testing. This puts Dero more than 2 weeks ahead of their Q1 (Jan.1 - Mar.31) roadmap goals.

I also just got word from SouthXchange that Dero has moved from “in queue” to the start of the build process on their end.

Regarding ASICs, Dero is taking a wait and see approach until technical details are available but we will deal with them promptly when firm information becomes available. Adjusting to the new CryptoNight PoW is a reasonably fast adjustment if that is the appropriate course of action.

We’ve been overwhelmed with questions about smart contracts among other features and we can now safely say that development of features on the Q2 roadmap are imminent and will possibly start just a little bit early. I will not be releasing any details early or discussing them in any way until our developers choose to do so. That being said, please keep a close eye on our progress as Capt.Dero provides us all with all the trailbreaking updates Q2 aims to bring.

The reason I used the everyone tag (Slack and Discord only) just now is to let everyone know that there will be a new release of Dero for everyone to upgrade to soon so please keep an eye on any of our official channels for the launch of Dero’s CryptoNote protocol.

Your Dero will transition safely and no swap will be required. The new daemon also syncs faster and uses fewer resources to do so. In addition, many of the issues we’ve seen on the old chain were addressed by the development team at the source in derosuite (golang version).

Regards everyone,

(Please remember that all credit goes to our amazing development team!)