DERO repository / binary confusion

Hey, guys
I am trying to set up a testnet environment for smart contract development.
I found the following repositories holding binaries:

  1. GitHub - deroproject/derosuite: DERO: Secure, Anonymous Blockchain with Smart Contracts. Subscribe to Dero announcements by sending mail to with subject: subscribe announcements

repo 1

It is possible to set up daemon and hook miner onto it in testnet.
Trying to submit a smart contract with curl -X POST --data-binary @token.bas (request to a CLI wallet also running using the local daemon) just prints Hello world!.
Any improperly formatted request results in this output…
What does this mean?

repo 2

The derohe repo contains binaries for Stargate testnet which I could not get to work even though this release is much newer than the newest one from derosuite.
What am I missing here?

general questions

  1. Which repository is the right one?
  2. Is git . dero . io relevant (I can’t include more than 2 links)?
  3. Which one should be used: AstroBWT or Stargate?
  4. Where can I find the documentation for the right setup?

I am running Debian 11.


Please use github links and documents. GIT contains test and development files.

Stargate is mainnet release from 26 FEB 2022. AstroBWT is mining algorithm.

For documentation.
For latest mainnet source.

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Thanks, so is deroproject/derosuite outdated in favor of deroproject/derohe?

And what is the canonical way to test smart contracts?