Dero Roadmap ideas 2019+


From Lannister - discord

One suggestion I would like to give is, Atomic swaps(or some sort of inter-operability) would be next logical step, and a focus on increasing the TPS, and to prove high TPS (global level). At the enterprise/institutional level, these things matter (and in demand), and are part of the requirements (most cases) for integration.


I would like to see the wallet embed an OTC atomic swaps script through GUI.
ex. User inputs

  1. Address you are sending currency to - keep in mind the currency will be any coin because of atomic swaps
  2. How much you are sending - $$$
  3. The amount of the currency you are buying
  4. The deposit address of where you want the currency you bought deposited to.

The receiving party inputs the same information and the script cross references the information and creates a deposit address you will need to send the funds to. Each party will have an address generated ( depending on the coin they are trading). The DERO smart contract needs to be the only one that controls the private keys of the wallets generated. Once the smart contract verifies that the exact amounts were deposited to the wallets it generated, then it sends the funds to where they need to go. If the parameters are not exact, then it sends the funds from where they came. A private secure OTC trade without a middle man.

I would also like to see Dero smart contracts interact with the outside world and biometrics. I really want to see biometrics! Bind private keys to biometrics!


from musicfish:

  1. Mini database used by DAPP.
  2. Decentralized file storage, such as: jpg, doc, mp4. And you can add, view, delete, modify, you need to pay DERO coins.
  3. Decentralized data storage, such as: text. And you can add, view, delete, modify, you need to pay DERO coins.


from Dakgnosis:

I vote for having a GUI wallet with a nice interface that is maintained.


from Slixxe:

Public SC to verify premine, voting SC, 2FA with SC (if SC are private with private parameters)
Currently, there are very few ASICs for cryptonight that are on sale. What about changing the algorithm or trying to contact ASIC manufacturers to ask them to restart production? If we want a secure network, we need a little more hashrate I think


From music fish:

Compatible with side chains.


pls have a check the project vsys, another project that immune to 51% attack.
their staking modern is great.

can we have a super nodes feature or masternodes…


I want a new programming language.

Now the BASIC for SC is very diffcult to use. No for and while statement make the code very hard to understand. If stargate can support python is perfect.


from music fish:

  1. Support for Solidity and JavaScript to write smart contract languages.


from elliott:

I would like to see Dero file system up and running and have smart contracts be able to integrate external API calls


A few suggestions:

  • More DApp / SC development competitions.

  • Bounties for development of software that core team members may not have time to do, e.g. GUI wallet.

  • Add inbuilt support function to DVM BASIC to allow the smart contract to check the contract balance.