Dero Roadmap ideas 2019+


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Ledger/hardware wallet integration


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Atomic Swap

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  • Private Smart Contracts
  • Atomic Swap
  • Foundation
  • Asset Management
  • 2FA Authenticator
  • Send tx with SMS
  • A way to reduce synchronization time? (LZA compression…)
  • A way to make extremely advanced SCs. (Example: that we can integrate a decentralized VPN system like lethean but directly on a DERO Smart Contracts)
  • Move the premine on a Smart Contract so that everyone can check its completeness (because we can see, balance, parameters, sender, amount atm on testnet)
  • Subaddresses
  • Address signing and certifying
  • new Block Explorer design

Inspired by the Whitepaper :


Voting system like decred


A Decentralized exchange based on DERO

its too much but still a suggestion


Smart contracts on mobile phone
State channel for fast and off chain processing
Quantum proof signatures


Features I’d like to see discussed and/or implemented in 2019:

  • Lightning Network Interoperability/Integration.

  • DERO Constitution highlighting core principals (i.e. Open Source, Definitive Monetary Policy, etc).

  • Clarify plans, if any, to implement governance. (Explore PoS voting similar to Decred or other options to achieve autonomous governance).



From Wayne:

Suggestion: Native support for Human readable dero addresses which are tied to something custom like an e-mail/phone number/user name for the sake of user friendliness/simplification for adoption.


From Mark:

I think 2FA/sms authenticators would be really nice on web wallet


From Pnmks:

Foundation + dev reveal I beleive would open many doors / business opportunities like exchange listings / business partnerships for dero. So long as all is secret the project will remain small imo. No big company etc… will risk using or working with dero whilst its secret.


From Keyhole:

I think a large portion agree that new exchanges with good volume and Foundation should be some of the top priorities needed.


from music fish:

2019 and beyond will be an application era. The priority application will bring together Internet traffic and bring people together. To get widespread use, it is indispensable to develop priority DAPP. I suggest to develop applications that can be popular, such as lottery ticket, Cross-border payment, etc.


from david chen:

Maybe can continue to add the TPS in the future


from music fish:

  1. Add “Wormhole Protocol” to achieve decentralized DAPP placement, similar to BCH’s Wormhole protocol.
  2. Decentralized file storage, publishing and payment of dero can be viewed and deleted.
  3. Decentralized DNS, similar to ETH’s ENS.


from azzi:

Secure online voting by receiving an invitation, registering, generating a key in a 2FA autheticator app, selecting an answer + leave optional comment (e.g., write in name). The vote should be auditable by the voter only. Must have low fees, ability to add/remove participants by a central authority.


We need masternodes feature!
1.Even dash team is lack of funds recently after they benefited from mn feature several years!
2.1/2+ projects among crypto world have their staking design.
3.devteam and foundation or community should have enough fund for marketing!

  • Ledger support
  • top notch private SC example
  • masternodes/staking


Focused partnerships : Duckduckgo = Google with privacy. PundiX = smart phone with data privacy. Making relevant partnerships that enable the development of actual integration of the Dero blockchain tech into business and real world use. A dedicated “foundation unit” that source, establish and assist in development and deployment of the Dero DVM, SC and Blockchain and whatever else is needed by a certain business or collective thereof. Use case and implementation should be upward on the list.


From Mr Moon - discord

I would like to see biometrics with 2FA as a login. Also binding addresses to names in the wallet. Instead of having to copy paste tradeogre address I can just type tradeogre in wallets and my tradeogre address will pop up and I can send easier. Foundation established and a voting system integrated in the wallet where people can creat poles and have people vote on important things. I would also like governance explained and laid out.