Dero service model

In-addition to release of private Smart Contracts , DERO has added unique feature on it’s blockchain through which digital delivery of 128 bytes of data which can include urls,license-keys,messages and can completely support building of market-place,secure and safe voting-systems,identity verifications systems ,crypto-exchanges and much more safely and securely within the DERO eco-system.
This is achieved by TX REPLY feature through which any wallet can host and reply to TX which enables completely private services to serve specific goals and clients. Each wallet can host more than 2^64 different services. DERO exposes complete rpc communications over the DHEBP. Except sender and receiver wallet no one can decrypt the exchanged messages/rpc-calls. So now you can create global inter-connected network of private services on DERO network.

Example code included with Stargate release.
STEPS to test DERO SERVICE MODEL code which sells a dummy product:
1] Run dero-wallet with rpc server:

./dero-wallet-cli-linux-amd64 --rpc-server --wallet-file testnet.wallet --testnet

2] Run pong server to run service model example which will generate Service_integrated_address to trigger the service. And you can set amount in DERO and other parameters to trigger the service.


3] From second wallet make send transfer TX to above service address. This wallet will get reply in next few blocks.

And replies can be proved cryptographically.