Dero Smart Contract build competition

Hello All,

With the launch of Smart Contracts on testnet we are also launching a development competition with prizes worth a total of 10,000 DERO.

We are looking for innovative, fun and functional Smart Contracts.

Bring your best and #BUIDL something amazing, the winners will be announced at DEROCON!

The DERO Project SC Competition deadline is March 10 2019. Please make sure to have your final smart contract submitted by then.
Update: SC contest has been extended until 5th April.

T&C: All contest submissions must be fully functional with valid outputs. All smart contract submissions are subject to an audit to verify validity. Any software with malacious intent is disqualified.

Links to start with Dero Smart Contracts development.
DVM Docs
Smart Contract Example

Discuss here on forum or join Discord for any support.

Update: Please submit your Smart Contract with SCID here on this thread.

Thank you for your continued support,
DERO Project


Please can all SC submissions for competition be posted here. Thanks

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Hello guys,

Here are the 6 Smart Contracts I wrote for the competition :slight_smile:

GitHub link

  • HodlWorthily: an HODL contract where you decide a block number when you can withdraw your coins. You can still withdraw before that but you will lose a portion of your coins: these coins will go to the address of a foundation (UNICEF for example). Even if you wait for end of the HODL period, you still pay 1% to the foundation.
    SCID = 4b964f9340578aa720a92abadf12db5a09e80ad616f96f946dee8ad84d778245

  • LuckyTry: try to guess a number between 0 and 999 an win all the jackpot!
    SCID = dee15d113dc697541209144721fcc3598460116c90de54ab47de590804262fbb

  • Roulette: classical “roulette” game with precise number between 1 and 36 OR odd/even.
    SCID = c4c0703720440423eab78be7268cae598feb34c4fcd6833c0495228be52e07cf

  • Safe: you can send your coins to the SC with a password --> if somebody found your seed, he still needs to know the password.
    SCID = 5b15defe8af8c367aa669a3dfeb3349b3c6cb6eb37eccacefddc26dc7d43a008

  • Scratch: a scratch game with 10 cases to scratch --> will start again when 10 cases have been scratched.
    SCID = 213590d375625a1b68d25d1749de5d47d06ca98247ab780d58ff3bc2b0fd4c31

  • Dero Logo: not a real SC, just the DERO logo in ASCII (not wonderful…) in the Daemon
    SCID = d532823b90e5644c642ac5d40d9ece01477263eae2631402fa33042c30d68e24

Hope you will like them!


Can you add SCID also to refer Smart Contracts running live on explorer.


I added the SCID but I can’t add all the links to the dero explorer: new users are limited to 2 links per thread.


Hello guys,

Here my sc repository:


Hello All,

Here’s my repo for SCs .

My Smart Contract Submissions in order #1 and #2. Any feedback is greatly appreciated! Thanks for all the help from the community, great effort by everyone for sure.

  1. timebox_payment.bas

File: timebox_payment.bas
SCID: 5d4549c4ea7da704152e4019804d5d91daf59b00c1342830959c44fddec272cd
Description: This will accomplish the use case for sending “time”-based or “block”-based transactions in which a party can send to another, and can be Withdrawn within that allotted time or block count. However, if the 2nd party does not withdraw the sent balance, then the originating party can then re-withdraw the balance back (with slight fee based on sc_giveback for processing) at any time.

  1. ValidateBalance.bas

File: ValidateBalance.bas
SCID: d37f1c1b48c9bc180bfe635662352a2fc18ee3c054648294c1b757ef867541dd
Description: Use Validate Balance to allow for you (the owner) to deposit/withdraw DERO from and 3rd parties (others) to view TXIDs and Balance totals via RPC call. This SC is intended to be utilized in the form of a public wallet so to speak, this way there is no question or FUD related to TXIDs or Balance remaining in a given address.

  1. IsAddressValid.bas

File: IsAddressValid.bas
SCID: 4288f8e8248cbe2aa5a46a4824d0a38b3fa0033bde51a09eaa94e0575f89d62e
Description: A simple re-use of the built-in IS_ADDRESS_VALID() method which returns whether or not an address is valid
NOTE: The one on-chain at this SCID is returning 0/1 UInt64, I have a commented out version that will just return String values whether or not valid etc. just for fun.

Will update with more things soon hopefully, feel free to follow GitHub for updated commits etc! <3


DERO Marketplace Smart Contract

Fully functional yet simple marketplace where users can buy and sell goods without the need of a centralized e-commerce platform.

SCID: 096d2403eeb2a7853545b8cda3d6583e57af99a60613cdfd30b8d8291050cf12

Frontend screenshot (see GitHub link for more)


Here is my competition entry:

Multisig wallet smart contract:

User interface for the multisig wallet, written in Golang:

SCID No: 134c4a8c71de857b59ae979d01c78edd88b2159d51c424d1cba335a9729d3463


My Dero MultiSig Entry

DEROMultisig: Multisig Implementation SmartContract
Contract is designed to enable multisig controll over the same funds, with multiple parties requred to approve outgoing transactions

SCTX: 4036c7ae3c0be674174d395a8c77fedb859b86e4b8dbe2279ac06d6b38764140

Video Overview (Quick guide how to use native desktop app):

Developer Diary (Log and development process in one forum post):

Download native app (Electron app for Linux and Windows):

or use Web Hosted version:

Guide and Sourcecodes (readme on how to use contract through CLI only):

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Here is my contribution to the contest:

DVM Paywall

Testnet SCID: baf924e5897da796e1412135f760cabc5654af21ecb3682b1c086549e995540e

Source on GitHub




It’s already March: any date for the end of the contest? :wink:

Says in first post, March 10th :wink:

“The DERO Project SC Competition deadline is March 10 2019. Please make sure to have your final smart contract submitted by then.”

Oh, thanks for the info, I was still thinking the end of the contest was in March without precise date! :slight_smile:

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Here is a last minute entry! This is a security themed smart contract: Website Validation. It is used to help detect DNS hijacking, and provide an additional layer of assurance to users of websites which sometimes change their domain names. The smart contract and description / usage instructions are located here:

The user interface (written in Go) is located here:

The SCID is: ba538ab2500a1aa84c05d372bf4d8406691e6b9322e39659109924589a4f2133


Smart Contract competition will close April 5th 23:59 2019 UTC+1 Please ensure all Smart Contract submission are posted here


Boundless Galaxy - On-Chain Trading Card Game

EXPLORE - endless galaxies and discover different planets and players
COLONIZE - free slots and expand your empire
ENCHANT - your planets to excellence and start redeeming real DERO rewards
TRADE - your planet collection with others

All DERO sent to this contract are going to the shared pool and
All EXCELENT card are eligable to redeem percentage (y%) from this pool (each x blocks)

SCID: 6e6d1255e33317eb7a592a5a9b51978e4147fae0154b806df8a8731aacae6ad4

dApp availiable here:

code could be observed here:


I am pleased to present a blockchain based game for the competition: Dero Racers! Buy, sell and race cars on the blockchain!

Game binaries for Windows and Linux available in the Github repo below, as well as all source code!

The SCID is:



Any news on the results? :slight_smile: I don’t have time to follow all the conversations in Discord :-/

Hi @Peppinux,

Is there any new code for marketplace?

I’m looking to find the best chain to build a marketplace, I was going for Eth. but learned about Dero!


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